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Comprehensive guide on how to analyse EQ-5D data is published

We welcome the publication of the detailed guide by Prof. Nancy Devlin, Prof. David Parkin and Dr Bas Janssen on how to analyse and report data produced by the EQ-5D. The authors have explained methods in a straightforward way, with a focus on the underlying measurement properties for the EQ-5D and how that affects the way to approach data analysis and reporting. The guide details methods on the analysis of EQ-5D profiles, EQ VAS data and EQ-5D values, as well as advanced topics such as mapping. EuroQol is pleased to have supported the development of this important book and we are so grateful to the authors for distilling their considerable knowledge and experience into such a practical, clear and thorough guide.

The open access methods guide is now available online. Extracts from the book will soon also be made available on the EuroQol website.

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