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EQ-5D-3L | Interviewer Administered version

Developed for use either in face-to-face or telephone/computer interviews when participants are either unable to read or write or unable to be physically present for the interview. May be used interchangeably with existing Telephone and Face-to-face versions.

The EuroQol Research Foundation introduced the Interviewer Administered versions in 2019.

The Interviewer Administered versions (IA) for the 3L and 5L were developed as amalgamated single versions to replace both the Face-to-face and Telephone administered versions. This was done to facilitate the translation process, reduce costs to the users, and to reduce interviewer burden. The IA version has been empirically proven to yield data equivalent to that collected using the Face-to-face and Telephone versions. The information gained using all three questionnaires may thus be compared and used interchangeably between studies. However, it is not recommended that two different versions be used to collect data from a single person as there is some variability in individual responses. The IA will therefore supersede the two other versions, which will no longer be translated into additional languages. If there is a Face-to-face or Telephone version already available and the other version is required, the IA version will be developed. It is then recommended that the IA be used to replace the existing version in future studies.

Digital Interviewer administered versions are currently being developed. Normally, it is not allowed to use a paper EQ-5D version for digital data collection. However, as a one-time exception to this rule, if a digital interviewer administered version is not available the paper interviewer administered version can be used on a digital device.

If a language version is not available, please contact the EuroQol Office.

CountryLanguagePlatformProduct VersionDate Modified
ChinaSimplified ChinesePaper1.001/05/2020
Sierra LeoneKrioPaper1.001/10/2020
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