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EQ-5D-Y | Interviewer Administered version

Developed for use either in face-to-face or telephone/computer interviews when children/adolescents are capable of self-reporting their health state but unable to self-complete a paper/digital questionnaire. Examples might include children being unable to read or write due to poor literacy or some impairment or children living away from the data collection site, making a telephone/computer interview preferable.

Digital Interviewer administered versions are currently being developed. Normally, it is not allowed to use a paper EQ-5D version for digital data collection. However, as a one-time exception to this rule, if a digital interviewer administered version is not available the paper interviewer administered version can be used on a digital device.

If a language version is not available, please contact the EuroQol Office.

CountryLanguageMode Of AdministrationPlatformProduct VersionDate Modified
ChinaSimplified ChineseInterviewer AdministrationDigital1.201/08/2023
ChinaSimplified ChineseInterviewer AdministrationPaper1.101/06/2023
EthiopiaAmharicInterviewer AdministrationDigital1.001/09/2023
EthiopiaAmharicInterviewer AdministrationPaper1.001/09/2023
JapanJapaneseInterviewer AdministrationDigital1.001/10/2022
JapanJapaneseInterviewer AdministrationPaper1.001/10/2022
South AfricaEnglishInterviewer AdministrationDigital1.101/11/2022
South AfricaEnglishInterviewer AdministrationPaper1.201/02/2023
UgandaLugandaInterviewer AdministrationPaper1.001/05/2021
UKEnglishInterviewer AdministrationDigital1.301/08/2023
UKEnglishInterviewer AdministrationPaper1.301/09/2022
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