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Where is EQ-5D used?

EQ-5D is used by scientists across the world in different settings and for many different diseases. It is used by academia (e.g. universities, research institutes), governments (national, regional, municipal), industry (e.g. pharmaceuticals, medical devices) and by hospitals and clinics (e.g. hospitals, GP practices).

At an international level, the pharmaceutical industry and scientific groups are the foremost users of the instrument. EQ-5D is frequently used in (multinational) clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies. As EQ-5D is available in many languages in a standardized format, it can potentially be used to explore differences in outcome across borders. With translations available for more than 170 countries/regions, EQ-5D is used globally.

In the past year, the EuroQol Office has received 6433 requests to use EQ-5D. Shown below is a pie chart with the countries/regions generating the most requests:

Country of origin 6433 registrations

At a national level, the institutions involved are country/region-specific and use of EQ-5D in the supply and demand areas of health care is widespread. The following list gives some idea of the personnel involved:

  • General practitioners
  • Hospital specialists
  • Nurses and remedial therapists
  • Researchers into clinical practice
  • Those responsible for audit and quality assurance
  • Public health specialists
  • Health service researchers
  • Managers in health care institutions


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