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Category B: Beta versions

A Beta EQ-5D version is an EQ-5D version or format that has been created and developed by members of the EuroQol Group, but not necessarily in close cooperation with the EuroQol Executive Committee. A series of studies have been conducted during the development of the version, some of which may have been co-financed or approved by the Executive Committee. Upon completion, the Executive Committee has concluded that the body of evidence was not sufficient for it to officially accept this version. Therefore, a Beta version can be seen as work in progress.

On request, the EuroQol Research Foundation can make a Beta version available to users under the following conditions:

  • A Beta version is understood to be received in its current format.
  • The EuroQol Research Foundation does not support users of a Beta version to the same degree as users of an Approved version.
  •  The EuroQol Research Foundation will not commission translation work or create a user guide for a Beta version.
  • The EuroQol Research Foundation does not charge a licensing fee for use of a Beta version. However, charges may apply for the underlying use of the approved version on which the Beta version is based. The User Policy will determine if a fee is required.

Please contact the EuroQol Office for more information on Beta versions.

(Version 24APR2017)

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