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Category C: Experimental versions

An Experimental EQ-5D version is an EQ-5D version or format that has been created for the purpose of a methodological research study and/or publication. This is typically where variant of EQ-5D have been tested, or where dimensions have been added or deleted from EQ-5D. EuroQol members and other scientists will have conducted or participated in these studies.

If you wish to conduct a methodological study where you plan to study a variant of EQ-5D, or where you plan to add or remove any EQ-5D dimensions, you need to first register your study.

The following conditions for permission can be agreed:

  • Explicit permission to modify the EQ-5D for publication of the specified methodological research only.
  • The Experimental EQ-5D version must not be used for commercial purposes.
  • The Experimental EQ-5D version must not be distributed.
  • All Intellectual Property rights to the Experimental EQ-5D version will be automatically transferred to the EuroQol Research Foundation.

Note that the EuroQol Research Foundation cannot make Experimental versions available to users. Please contact the authors of the methodological publication if you want to know more about an experimental version.

Please note that:

  • The EuroQol Research Foundation does NOT provide support for the use of the Experimental version.
  • The EuroQol Research Foundation cannot be held liable for any errors in an Experimental version.

Please contact the EQ Office for more information on Experimental versions.

(Version 24APR2017)

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