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EQ-5D is the most commonly cited multi-attribute utility instrument in review of national pharmacoeconomic guidelines

A review identifying which multi-attribute utility instruments (MAUIs) are recommended for use in official national pharmacoeconomic (PE) guidelines has been published in the European Journal of Health Economics.

The study reviewed PE guidelines where health technology assessment is used to inform the decision-making process for reimbursement or market access for medicines by the national healthcare decision-making body. The review found substantial consensus among guidelines in terms of the choice of MAUI instruments, with three (EQ-5D, HUI, SF-6D) cited in at least 10 country guidelines. The most commonly cited MAUI (in 85% of PE guidelines) was EQ-5D, either as a preferred MAUI or as an example of a suitable MAUI for use in cost utility analysis.

The study was funded by the EuroQol Research Foundation.

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