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EQ-5D licenses for COVID-19 related research

EuroQol is committed to improve decisions about health and health care throughout the world by making available EQ-5D for research on the impact of COVID-19.

The EQ Office Team is handling all requests for using EQ-5D in COVID-19 research with priority. In line with our User Policy we do not charge a license fee for any non-commercial use of EQ-5D, large or small.

As a measure to accelerate research, we will not charge a license fee when commercial customers seek to use EQ-5D in clinical trials aimed at testing COVID-19 diagnostic tools or COVID-19 treatments. During this time, customers will receive a free of charge study-specific license. If you have an urgent request, please register on our website and send an email with the request tracking number to to expedite the process.

Commercial customers with an existing EQ-5D license agreement can contact the EQ Office to obtain telephone- or face to face interviewer versions of EQ-5D temporarily free of charge to ensure that their clinical trials can continue during COVID-19.

Lastly, in order to process COVID-19 requests with priority we urge all customers to select existing EQ-5D versions and languages as much as possible, as creating translations and adaptations takes time. Moreover, please note that screenshot review is not needed when EQ-5D data is collected via REDCap, LimeSurvey or Castor EDC, which saves valuable time.

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