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EuroQol extends free use of EQ-5D for non-commercial users

The Board of the EuroQol Research Foundation regularly reviews the EQ-5D user license policy. Recently, a decision has been made to extend free use to all non-commercial users. Therefore, as of today, 18 January 2019, the EuroQol Research Foundation will not charge a license fee for the non-commercial use (research or non-research) of EQ-5D. This differs from the past, where a modest fee could be charged for non-commercial, non-research use of EQ-5D. Please note that the EuroQol Foundation will continue to charge fees for commercial use of EQ-5D.

The EuroQol Research Foundation is a registered charity in the Netherlands and serves as the single point of distribution for the family of EQ-5D instruments. In the vast majority of cases, the EQ-5D is provided free of charge. Where fees are charged, these allow the EuroQol Research Foundation to fund activities in line with its Vision and Mission as described on the EuroQol website.

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