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EuroQol Academy 

The main objectives of the EuroQol Academy are to provide open educational sessions to EuroQol members relating to EQ Group’s ongoing research agenda, to encourage involvement in research activities, and to offer networking occasions. The annual EuroQol Academy features selected research, which is aligned with the topics that are outlined in the EuroQol Academy  programme.

Upcoming 8th EuroQol Academy 2024 on 5-7 March will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Previous meetings

2023 March Milan, Italy
2022 April Noordwijk, the Netherlands
2021 March Virtual
2020 March Prague, Czech Republic
2018 March Budapest, Hungary
2017 March Noordwijk, The Netherlands
2016 March Noordwijk, The Netherlands

EuroQol Plenary 

At the EuroQol Plenary members and co-workers of the EuroQol Group present papers on topics that include methodological/valuation aspects of EQ-5D; development of EQ-5D versions in different languages and the use of EQ-5D in health population surveys. Additionally, there are poster sessions that focus mainly on the different clinical areas where EQ-5D is being applied

The 41st EuroQol Plenary will take place on 17-20 September 2024 in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. 

Previous meetings

2023 September Rome, Italy
2022 September Chicago, USA
2021 September Virtual Meeting
2020 September Virtual Meeting
2019 September Brussels, Belgium
2018 September Lisbon, Portugal
2017 September Barcelona, Spain
2016 September Berlin, Germany
2015 September Krakow, Poland
2014 September Stockholm, Sweden
2013 September Montréal, Canada
2012 September Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2011 September Oxford, UK
2010 September Athens, Greece
2009 September Paris, France
2008 September Baveno Lake Maggiore, Italy
2007 September Kijkduin, The Hague, The Netherlands
2006 September Barcelona, Spain
2005 September Oslo, Norway
2004 September Chicago, USA
2003 September Bled, Slovenia
2002 September York, UK
2001 September Odense, Denmark
2000 September Pamplona, Spain
1999 September Barcelona, Spain
1998 September Hannover, Germany
1997 September Rotterdam, Netherlands
1996 September Olso, Norway
1995 September Barcelona, Spain
1994 September London, UK
1993 September Rotterdam, Netherlands
1992 September Helsinki, Finland
1991 September Lund, Sweden
1990 September York, UK
1990 January Rotterdam, Netherlands
1988 July London, UK
1988 January London, UK
1987 October London, UK
1987 May Rotterdam, Netherlands



All Proceedings articles can be found in our publications database.

Between 1991 and 2015, the papers submitted as part of the scientific meetings have been brought together and published as proceedings. All papers focus on EQ-5D and reflect the work in progress at that particular time. Hard copies of proceedings up to Plenary year 2015 can be obtained for a nominal fee from the EuroQol Office.



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