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Working Group | Populations and Health Systems


  • To initiate Requests For Proposals (RFPs) that promote and examine large-scale health system applications for EQ products.
  • To stimulate methodological and applied research relating to the use of EQ-5D in measuring local and system-wide performance, as well as its use in assessing population health. For example:
  1. Methodological research in applications including, but not limited to, measurement properties, data collection, presentation formats, communication strategies.
  2. Applied research including, but not limited to, evaluation of specific interventions or programs, case-mix adjustment, evaluation in population level interventions, assessment of disparities across population subgroups
  • To focus on applications within healthcare systems and in other non-health sectors.
  • To explore the development and use of new and existing EQ-5D products for large-scale applications in conjunction with the Business Office and the Interface Development WG.


Bas Janssen
Juanita Haagsma


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