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Working Group | Valuation


  • To initiate Request For Proposals (RFPs) that investigate new approaches to valuing health (including approaches within the scope of the QALY framework, as well as methods not necessarily associated with the conventional QALY paradigm).
  • To support the development and dissemination of EQ-5D-5L value sets in key countries. To stimulate interest in producing EQ-5D (3L and 5L) value sets in key countries across the world and assist the Executive in prioritising value sets for which support is requested.
  • To support methodological research examining the basis/rationale for value sets for patient groups.
  • To provide scientific guidance and support for existing protocols related to valuation studies.
  • To collaborate with other WGs or approved groups that work on conceptual and practical issues concerned with valuation of EQ-5D technologies.
  • To appraise the methodological reporting rigour of published value sets for approval by the Executive that the Business Office can post as guidance for users/user support.
  • To provide scientific guidance and support for valuation of bolt-on studies.


Richard Norman


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