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Are any licensing fees applicable?

Licensing fees are determined on the basis of the information provided on the registration form. The applicable User Policy is dependent on the type of study/trial/project, funding source, sample size and number of requested languages. Please be advised that by registering, you are not obligated to purchase a license. Note: EuroQol does not charge a…

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Are screenshot reviews still required?

Licensee and it’s assisting Vendor will be responsible for creating correct digital Representations, based on the documents provided by EuroQol. The EuroQol Office team will no longer be involved in the screenshot review of all reproductions. However, the team is available if required to help with screenshot review or digital Representation issues. As a service…

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Following registration, can EQ-5D be used free of charge for non-commercial uses?

EuroQol does not charge a license fee for non-commercial uses of EQ-5D. After registering to use the instrument, EQ-5D can be used free of charge for academic, educational, public health, and other non-commercial purposes. A small fee may be charged for screen shot review if data is collected digitally on a platform other than REDCAP®,…

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Do I have to pay for using the EQ-5D instrument?

Licensing fees are determined by the EuroQol Office based on the user information provided in the registration form. If applicable, the size of the license fee depends on the type of study, funding source, sample size and number of requested EQ-5D versions and languages. You are not obliged to purchase the EQ-5D by registering. Click…

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