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Interviewer Administered Proxy 1 versions of the EQ-5D now available in 30 languages

EuroQol is pleased to announce that its Version Management Committee has recently approved 30 language versions of the Interviewer Administered (IA) Proxy 1 EQ-5D variant. The Proxy 1 IA version is available in 28 languages for EQ-5D-5L and in English for the EQ-5D-3L and youth (EQ-5D-Y) questionnaires.

Undertaking health related quality of life (HRQoL)research during the COVID-19 pandemic has proved a significant challenge for researchers. In response, we at EuroQol have noticed a marked increase in the number of requests for IA variants of the EQ-5D questionnaire that can be undertaken remotely, for example by telephone. One such IA variant is Proxy 1, where an interviewer can remotely ask a caregiver (proxy) to provide their own rating of a patient’s health status using the EQ-5D. These IA Proxy 1 variants of the EQ-5D are intended for use for young children and in patients who, for any reason, are unable to report on their own health status.

A list of the available versions and modes of administration of the EQ-5D can be viewed on the EuroQol website.

Interviewer administered versions of EQ-5D can be obtained by registering your study/project on our website here. Non-commercial customers can use IA variants of EQ-5D for free, after registration and acceptance of our terms of use. Commercial customers will be charged a license fee, in accordance with our User Policy. Please note, as a measure to help accelerate research, a license fee will not be charged to commercial customers seeking to use EQ-5D in clinical trials aimed at testing COVID-19 diagnostic tools or COVID-19 treatments.

If you have further questions, please contact the EuroQol office.

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