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Members of the EQ-HWB WG are appointed!

The EuroQol Group has established the EQ-HWB Working Group (WG), chaired by Clara Mukuria. The WG will delineate the research agenda and priorities for the EQ-HWB and EQ-HWB-S, organize the assessment of proposals and final reports, collect evidence to develop the two instruments, and support researchers in producing high quality studies with the goal of advancing the instruments intellectual property status. The WG is intended as an independent body that will coexist with the EQ-HWB SIG.

The Executive Committee appointed the following EQ-HWB members:

Clara Mukuria (chair)
Aureliano Finch (office representative)
James Shaw
Fredrick Purba
Maja Kuharic
Ole Marten

Please join us in congratulating the EQ-HWB members for their appointment!

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