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Missed EuroQol’s webinars, An introduction to EQ-5D-5L value sets and Comparative analysis of EQ-5D-5L value sets? Recordings are now available!

The new book, Value Sets for EQ-5D-5L: A Compendium, Comparative Review & User Guide, was officially launched by organizing two EuroQol webinars last month. The first webinar, chaired by Prof. Mike Drummond, with presentations by Prof. Nancy Devlin, Dr. Krisitina Ludwig and Dr. Elly Stolk, introduced the EQ-VT protocol used in valuation of the EQ-5D-5L and to the value sets generated using it. The webinar also discussed guidance to users and researchers on how to choose which value set to use, and for what purpose.  The second webinar, chaired by Dr. Kim Rand, with presentations by Dr. Bram Roudijk and Dr. Richard Norman, investigates how EQ-5D-5L value sets differ and what is the future of valuation. Both webinar recordings are now available on YouTube:
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