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New digital version available 6 April 2022

The EuroQol Research Foundation is pleased to announce that from 6 April 2022, the current offering of three digital formats of EQ-5D (Smartphone/PDA, Tablet, and Laptop/Desktop) will be replaced by one new digital format that can be used on any digital device. From this date onwards, you can request the new digital formats of EQ-5D via the online registration form. Requested EQ-5D versions will be delivered via the new EuroQol Customer Portal.

With the introduction of the new digital EQ-5D format, an updated version of the User License Policy will come into effect as of 6 April 2022see here.

  • For commercial customers, a new license fee structure is introduced for the new digital EQ-5D format.
  • For non-commercial customers interested in collecting data digitally on an unsupported platform, the Fast Track – Digital registration route is introduced; see here for more information.

As part of the introduction of the new digital format, we are rolling out a library of EQ-5D Representations, which consists of EuroQol Office–approved EQ-5D screenshots of the new digital EQ-5D versions. The library consists of EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L, and EQ-5D-Y Representations of all available languages. Representations from this library will be made available to registered customers for all requested EQ-5D versions and languages via our EuroQol Customer Portal, together with the requested EQ-5D labels and EuroQol’s Digital Representation Design Guidelines.

The EuroQol Office–approved Representations will enable customers and vendors to check that their digital implementation of EQ-5D conforms to EuroQol’s Digital Representation Design Guidelines. Moreover, as we are providing these Representations for all available languages, customers can also verify the correct placement of all EQ-5D labels. This means that from 6 April 2022, customers will be solely responsible for checking the correctness of all digital EQ-5D implementations. Screenshot review by the EuroQol Office team will no longer be mandatory. However, as a service, the Office team will continue to do screenshot reviews on request.

Lastly, the EuroQol Research Foundation will continue with making EQ-5D available free for non-commercial use, after registration. As screenshot review is no longer required, a screenshot review fee will no longer be charged to non-commercial customers who collect data on unsupported digital platforms (i.e. on platforms other than REDCap, LimeSurvey, Qualtrics, or Castor EDC); see here for more information.

For more information and FAQs, please see here.

If you have any questions, please contact the EuroQol Office at

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