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Our Monthly Scientific Selection: July Publications on EuroQol Instruments

[1-31 July 2023]

  1. Devlin NJ, Pan T, Sculpher M, Jit M, Stolk E, Rowen D, van Hout B, Norman R. Using Age-Specific Values for Pediatric HRQoL in a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Is There a Problem to Be Solved? If So, How? Pharmacoeconomics. 2023 Jul 13.
  2. Milte R, Crocker M, Lay K, Ratcliffe J, Mulhern B, Norman R, Viney R, Khadka J. Feasibility of self-reported health related quality of life assessment with older people in residential care: insights from the application of eye tracking technology. Qual Life Res. 2023 Jul 20.
  3. Bonsel JM, Reijman M, Verhaar JAN, van Steenbergen LN, Janssen MF, Bonsel GJ. Socioeconomic inequalities in patient-reported outcome measures of Dutch primary hip and knee arthroplasty patients for osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2023 Jul 21;
  4. Jyani G, Yang Z, Sharma A, Goyal A, Stolk E, Purba FD, Grover S, Kaur M, Prinja S. Evaluation of EuroQol Valuation Technology (EQ-VT) Designs to Generate National Value Sets: Learnings from the Development of an EQ-5D Value Set for India Using an Extended Design (DEVINE) Study. Med Decis Making. 2023 Jul 22.
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