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Our Monthly Scientific Selection: May Publications on EuroQol Instruments

  1. Che M, Xie F, Thomas S, Pullenayegum E. Bayesian Models with Spatial Correlation Improve the Precision of EQ-5D-5L Value Sets. Med Decis Making. 2023 May 27.
  2. Love-Koh J, Schneider P, McNamara S, Doran T, Gutacker N. Decomposition of Quality-Adjusted Life Expectancy Inequalities by Mortality and Health-Related Quality of Life Dimensions. Pharmacoeconomics. 2023 May 2.
  3. Koń B, Jakubczyk M. Measuring the Indirect Cost of Illness Using EQ-5D-5L While Accounting for Job Characteristics. Pharmacoeconomics. 2023 May 6.
  4. Kwon J, Smith S, Raghunandan R, Howell M, Huynh E, Kim S, Bentley T, Roberts N, Lancsar E, Howard K, Wong G, Craig J, Petrou S. Systematic Review of the Psychometric Performance of Generic Childhood Multi-attribute Utility Instruments. Appl Health Econ Health Policy. 2023 May 3.
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