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Funded projects

Study TitlePI nameWorking Groupproject approval dateProject Status
Testing the impact of potential bolt-ons on preferences using pairwise choices: A pilot study.Aureliano Finch, John Brazierfasttrack01/03/2017completed
Aversion to inequalities in health by EQ-5D domainAki Tsuchiyafasttrack01/09/2019ongoing
Further Exploration into using DCE for EQ5D-5L Valuations (FEDEV)Aki TsuchiyaValuation01/07/2013completed
Exploring non-iterative TTO (ENITTO)Aki TsuchiyaValuation01/06/2015completed
Valuation of EQ-5D-5L for the Malaysian populationAsrul ShafieValuation01/02/2016completed
Malaysian EQ_5D_5L Value Set Symposium and WorkshopAsrul ShafieEducation and Outreach01/06/2019ongoing
National EQ-5D Symposium and Valuation WorkshopAsrul ShafieValuation01/04/2016completed
Psychometric properties, feasibility and usefulness of the extended EQ-5D-Y-5L in children with prevalent disease conditions in EthiopiaAbraham Gebregziabiher WelieEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2019ongoing
Reliability and validity of using EQ-5D-5L among healthy and adolescents with major mental disorders in EthiopiaAbraham Gebregziabiher Weliefasttrack01/12/2018completed
Investigating the aspects of HRQoL covered by pain/discomfort and the added value of the psoriasis bolt-ons (EQ-PSO) among patients suffering from skin diseases (Revised).Abraham Gebregziabiher WelieDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Valuing Health-State: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for EthiopiansAbraham GebregziabiherValuation01/09/2017completed
Revisiting TTOAnna LugnerValuation01/01/2015completed
Population norms and inequalities based on EQ-5D-5L general population surveys (POPS 2 Project)Agota SzendeDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2019ongoing
International Analysis of Income-related Inequity in Self-assessed Health Using the EQ-5DAgota SzendeDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2015completed
Health state utility rescaling and interpersonal comparisonsBen van HoutValuation01/12/2019ongoing
Supplementary funding 5L value set study England: ScheffieldBen van HoutValuation01/01/2014completed
Revisiting the MVH study: new methods for modelling UK valuations for the EQ-5D-3LBen van Hout, Nancy DevlinValuation01/07/2015ongoing
QALY MICI (IBD QALY)Gerard de Pouvourvillefasttrack01/03/2019ongoing
Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L in the French populationGerard de PouvourvilleValuation01/09/2017completed
Preference Inversion in the EQ-5D-5LBenjamin CraigValuation01/04/2013completed
The Relationship between Time, Sequencing, and Precision: Considerations for Choice Experiments Benjamin CraigValuation01/05/2013completed
The Effect of Timing, Duration, and Lifespan on ChoiceBenjamin CraigValuation01/06/2015completed
EQ DCE: Crowdsourcing innovation in valuation specificationBenjamin CraigValuation01/01/2016completed
REDCap Evaluation: Instrument ConstructionBenjamin CraigValuation01/12/2016completed
Order effects in the EQ-5D item responsesBenjamin CraigValuation01/01/2015completed
Exploring potential innovations in hybrid modeling (REVISED)Benjamin Craig, Juan Manuel Ramos-Go–iValuation01/05/2017completed
How much do the EQ-5D-5L and bolt-on dimensions contribute to the overall measurement of quality of life? A psychometric investigationÓBrendan MulhernDescriptive Systems01/07/2020ongoing
The Relative Value of Social Outcomes in Health Technology AssessmentBrendan MulhernValuation01/12/2015completed
Valuing EQ-5D-5L health states using EQ-VT: Does the Life A health description and/or the ordering of dimensions matter?Brendan MulhernValuation01/01/2014completed
A qualitative approach to understanding what aspects of health are important to people _ Australian extensionBrendan MulhernDescriptive Systems01/12/2016ongoing
Comparing DCE designs that can be used to value EQ-5D-5LBrendan MulhernValuation01/05/2016ongoing
Furthering the DCE research agenda: Comparing anchoring and design methods for the valuation of EQ-5DBrendan Mulhernfasttrack01/05/2018ongoing
Development and psychometric testing of EQ-5D-5L bolt-on descriptors for vision and cognition: A study in the UK and AustraliaBrendan Mulhern, Koonal ShahDescriptive Systems01/09/2018ongoing
Extending the QALY project Ð testing the face and content validity of candidate items within the Australian contextBrendan Mulhern, Lidia Engelfasttrack01/01/2018completed
A Dutch tariff for the Euroqol-5D-YouthBrigitte EssersEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2016completed
An Irish valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LCiaran O'NeillValuation01/12/2013completed
Deriving EQ-5D-5L preference weights for DenmarkClaire GudexValuation01/05/2017ongoing
Generation of an EQ-5D-5L value set for the Mexican populationCristina GutierrezValuation01/09/2018ongoing
Symposium Sponsorship & Panel Session: 38th Annual North American Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision MakingDavid WhitehurstDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2016completed
Creating a laboratory for testing differences between the 3L and 5L Index in patient populations: simulating profile and valuation dataDavid Parkin, Nancy Devlin, Ben van HoutDescriptive Systems01/09/2017completed
An investigation into the meaning of, and the relationship between, Happiness, Health and Health status measurementFrank de CharroInnovative Research01/03/2013completed
EQ-5D-5L VALUATION IN POLANDDominik GolickiValuation01/06/2015completed
EQ-5D-5L valuation in Poland: a methodological extensionDominik GolickiValuation01/02/2016ongoing
EQ-5D-3L in Hematologic Malignant Neoplasms: a Systematic Review of Health State Utility ValuesDominik GolickiDescriptive Systems01/06/2015completed
Testing feasibility, reliability and validity of the health-related quality of life instrument EQ-5D-Y in children and adolescents with asthma- a cross-sectional pilot studyAnn-Charlotte EgmarEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/02/2013completed
Evaluating consistency between DCE and TTO valuations using multivariate mixed models and multivariate latent class analysisEleanor PullenayegumValuation01/05/2015completed
Valuation of the EQ-5D in countries with limited research resources: investigating the potential of shrinkage analysisEleanor PullenayegumValuation01/05/2015completed
Measuring Quality of Life in the general population in Romania: an EQ5D-5L value set and population norms for Romania (QoLROElena olariuValuation01/05/2018ongoing
AnÊEQ-VTÊstudyÊof heart disease patientsNan Luo, Mihir Gandhifasttrack01/04/2017ongoing
Proposal of the 2nd EuroQol Asia Academy MeetingFrederick PurbaEducation and Outreach01/09/2019ongoing
A Big Step Forwards for Health Policy in Indonesia: The Introduction
of The EuroQol EQ-5D-5L Value Set and Other Recent Developments in Quality of Life Research and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. (PI: Purba)
Frederik PurbaEducation and Outreach01/05/2016completed
The performance of EQ-5D-5L in various disease groups with different durationsFrederik PurbaDescriptive Systems01/06/2019ongoing
Validity, Responsiveness and Test-Retest of EQ-5D-3L-Y and EQ-5D-5L-Y and their proxy versions in Pediatric Patients in Indonesia Frederik Purba, Jan BusschbachEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2018ongoing
Hungarian EQ-5D-5L valuation studyMarta PentekValuation01/09/2017completed
A qualitative study on the content validity of the EQ-5D-5L and EQ-PSO bolt-on in patients with psoriasis in HungaryFanni RenczDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Valuation of the EQ-5D-Y in HungaryFanni RenczValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/09/2020ongoing
Valuation of the EQ-5D-Y in HungaryFanni RenczValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/09/2020ongoing
Extending the QALY. Stage 3: Testing face and content validity with patients, social-care users and carers in ArgentinFederico Augustovskifasttrack01/01/2018completed
Deriving social values using the EQ-5D-5L in the general population of Uruguay.Federico AugustovskiValuation01/03/2013completed
Deriving Social Values for the EQ-5D 5L in Peru implementing a ÒLiteÓ protocolfederico augustovskiValuation01/09/2017completed
EQALY International Psychometric Analysis: Argentina studyFederico AugustovskiDescriptive Systems, eQALY01/12/2018completed
Health related quality of life measurement -uses in economic evaluation and population health.Federico Augustovski, Lucila Rey-AresEducation and Outreach01/05/2016completed
HTAi Workshop: Engaging patients and general public in health technology assessment: Measuring and valuing health preferencesFeng XieEducation and Outreach01/02/2016completed
Variation in health state preferences across local and international populations: East doesn't meet WestFeng XieEducation and Outreach01/02/2016completed
Measuring and valuing patient preferences in randomized clinical trialsFeng Xiefasttrack01/03/2017completed
Assessing test-retest reliability of the EuroQol Group Valuation Technology in valuing the EQ-5D-5LFeng XieValuation01/02/2013completed
Transforming latent utilities to health utilities: Can one function fit other countries?Feng XieValuation01/07/2013completed
Understanding participant's responses to the EQ-VT tasks; A qualitative studyFeng XieValuation01/11/2013completed
Establishing a tool for endorsing EQ-5D valuation studiesFeng XieValuation01/09/2013completed
Health utilities used in economic evaluations of cancer treatmentsFeng XieDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/09/2016ongoing
Making LIFE simple: Exploration of a hybrid of best-worst scaling and visual analogue scale in valuing EQ-5D-5LFeng XieValuation01/05/2015ongoing
Navigating antithrombotic therapies with the EQ-5D: An analysis of the COMPASS TrialFeng XieEducation and Outreach01/05/2020ongoing
Meeting Asia Policy Makers at HTAi 2020Feng XieEducation and Outreach01/12/2019ongoing
Non-parametric approach to valuing the EQ-5D-5LFeng XieValuation01/12/2018ongoing
Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L in ItalyAureliano FinchValuation01/12/2019ongoing
An exploratory study on the use of the recall period and the impact of different formats in two fluctuating conditionsAureliano Paolo FinchDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Measuring health-related quality of life in trauma patients: what is the added value of extending the EQ-5D3L and the EQ-5D5L with a cognitive domain?Gouke BonselDescriptive Systems01/12/2016completed
Non-additive impact of dimensions on the index values of health states: an analysis of interaction effects to avoid misspecification of the value function with unsaturated valuation datasetsGouke BonselValuation01/06/2013completed
Prevention of misspecification of the EuroQol tariff through optimal choices on design and analysis. An empirical and simulation based analysis using existing datasets.Gouke BonselValuation01/02/2014completed
EQ-5D-5L in pregnancy. Antenatal and postnatal HRQOL, the impact of poor outGouke BonselDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2016ongoing
PROMs and PREMs, their interaction: bias or added value? On the dependency between EQ5D5L (stand alone PROM), and validated PREMs in a large sample of recently delivering women, ranging from healthy to severely affectedGouke BonselDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2017ongoing
Public health impact of the COVID-19 pandemia: inequity of its effects and the role of health policiesGouke BonselDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/03/2020ongoing
Public health impact of the COVID-19 pandemia: inequity of its effects and the role of health policies - budget extension 1Gouke BonselDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/03/2020ongoing
Public health impact of the COVID-19 pandemia: inequity of its effects and the role of health policies - budget extension 2Gouke BonselDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/03/2020ongoing
Conventional and perceived change in health-related quality of life of trauma patients: what role does recall bias play?Gouke BonselDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/03/2016completed
'Equimetrics' of the EQ-5D. Measuring inequalities in health in the UK, Netherlands, and Italy to assess the potential of the EQ-5D-3L and 5L as outcome measures and determinants of income inequalityGouke BonselDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2018ongoing
The EQ-5D-5L Valuation Study in ChinaLiuValuation01/06/2012completed
Relationship between behavioural risk factors for poor health and the EQ-5D: Prospective analyses in a New Zealand cohortHelen HarcombeDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2015completed
Request for funding to cover expenses relating to a proposed visit of Henry Bailey to spend 1 month at the University of Leeds with Paul KindHenry BaileyEducation and Outreach01/05/2017completed
Valuation Study and Population Norm Study for BermudaHenry BaileyValuation01/05/2018ongoing
Estimating the EQ-5D-5L Value Set for the PhilippinesHilton Lam, Adovich RiveraValuation01/05/2017ongoing
Taiwan valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LMargaret LinValuation01/06/2016completed
An EQ-5D-5L value set for the Vietnam populationHoang Van Minh, Sun Sun Valuation01/05/2017completed
A Japanese valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LShunya IkedaValuation01/04/2013completed
Japanese participation in the MAT-endorsed ranking taskShunya IkedaValuation01/02/2014completed
Rescaling relative health-state values from discrete choice experiments unbiased onto the QALY metricAlexander AronsValuation01/05/2013completed
Examining interviewer performance in the Dutch EQVT studiesAlexander AronsValuation01/10/2013completed
Project Save TTO valuationsAlexander AronsValuation01/10/2013completed
Quantification of EQ-5D health-state values by scaling similarity data (studies 1 and 2)Alexander AronsValuation01/06/2014completed
An individual-level comparison of EQ-5D-5L values derived from paired comparison and best-worst dataAlexander MM AronsValuation01/05/2016completed
Comparison of the EQ-5D-5L to measures of well-being and capability in an older populationJohn BrazierBeyond Healthcare01/02/2014completed
How to capture fluctuating health impairments: Testing intensive longitudinal assessment of the EQ-5D-5L in multiple sclerosisJohn BrazierDescriptive Systems01/12/2016completed
Going beyond health related quality of life Ð towards a broader QALY measure for use across sectorsJohn BrazierDescriptive Systems01/12/2016ongoing
Valuing well-being alongside health: What can and should be done? Project number 20190750 (Revised)John BrazierValuation01/05/2020ongoing
A Chinese value set for the EQ-5D-YJan Busschbachfasttrack01/11/2017ongoing
Assessing the validity of the 86 health state selection for EQ-5D-5L VT studies: are we using the most efficient and valid set of health states to predict health states that exist in practice?Jan BusschbachValuation01/01/2016completed
Indonesian valuation and validation study of the EQ-5D-5L and its application in families living in unhealthy circumstances and in breast cancer patientsJan BusschbachValuation01/09/2013completed
Funding proposal for an scholarship for international travel and cooperationJan BusschbachEducation and Outreach01/06/2015completed
The follow up meeting with Indonesian Ministry of Health and HTA Committee: EQ-5D inHTA and non-HTA research and the EQ-5D-5L value set ÊJan Busschbach, Frederik Purbafasttrack01/03/2017completed
Can we use a 25 health states to estimate a EQ-5D-5L value set instead of ÒEQ-VT standardÓ 86?ÊJan Busschbach, Nan LuoValuation01/05/2017completed
Towards a patient-reported summary score for EQ-5D - revision (20190210)Bas JanssenDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2020ongoing
Bolt-on proposalBas JanssenDescriptive Systems01/10/2012completed
A head-to-head comparison of nine country-specific EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L value sets in eight patient groups and a student cohortBas JanssenDescriptive Systems01/11/2015completed
A head-to-head comparison of eight country-specific EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L value sets in eight patient groups and a student cohort - Why discriminatory power varies with versions, value sets and subgroups?Bas JanssenDescriptive Systems01/10/2016completed
Comparatively investigating sensitivity to change of the EQ-5D-3L and the EQ-5D-5L descriptive systems and seven country-specific value sets using different methodological approachesBas Janssen, Ines BuchholzDescriptive Systems01/12/2017completed
Screen size & data qualityJohn HartmanValuation01/12/2016completed
DCE Learning curvesJohn HartmanValuation01/12/2016completed
Non-Linear Time Preferences in Discrete Choice ExperimentsJohn Hartmanfasttrack01/12/2018completed
Second Annual End-user and Scientific Advisory Committee MeetingJeff JohnsonDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/08/2016completed
Legitimacy, use (and mis_use) of Minimally Important Differences (MIDs) with the EQ-__5D: A systematic reviewJeff JohnsonDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2017completed
Evaluation of routinely Measured PATtient reported outcomes in HemodialYsis care (EMPATHY) Trial: A Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialJeff JohnsonDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2018ongoing
Understanding the routine collection and use of EQ-5D data in large-scale applications within the healthcare system (Apersu supports)Jeff JohnsonDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2019ongoing
Understanding the routine collection and use of EQ-5D data in large-scale applications within the healthcare system (Apersu supports)Jeff JohnsonDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2019ongoing
Measurement Properties of the EQ-5D-5L: Comparative Performance with other Measures and Determining Minimal Important Differences in Canadian PopulationsJeff JohnsonDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/09/2016completed
Development of a proxy English Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) instrument for children under six years of age, derived from the EQ-5D-Y: Part 1Jennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/09/2014completed
A comparison of the validity of the two proxy versions of the EQ-5D-Y instrument in acutely ill and chronically ill children in South Africa. A cross sectional analytical descriptive studyJennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/03/2016completed
Exploring the possibilities for developing a EuroQol instrument for use in very young children: a workshop on feasibility, relevant issues, and potential methodology Jennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/04/2016completed
The feasibility and usefulness of using the EQ-5D-Y as a routine measure of outcome in a facility for children with chronic illnessJennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/04/2013completed
Cross-sectional validity and feasibility of the self-report EQ-5D-Y as a generic Health Related Quality of Life outcome measure in children and adolescents with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) in Western Cape, South AfricaJennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2017completed
Testing of the ranking exercise -EUQ2137080 (TRF2191) - English (US) | Face Validity ResultsJennifer JelsmaVMC01/12/2019ongoing
Funding a two-day Academy Workshop in Cape Town in January or February 2020.Jennifer JelsmaEducation and Outreach01/06/2019completed
Use of the VAS in the EQ-5D-YJennifer Jelsmafasttrack01/03/2019completed
Comparison of the performance of an integrated Interviewer Administered EQ-5D-5L version with the Face to Face and Telephone Interviewer administered versionsJennifer Jelsma, Sarah derrettfasttrack01/01/2018completed
Validity and Reliability testing of the EQ-5D-Y Proxy version 1 in young children.Jennifer Jelsma, Janine VerstraeteEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2017completed
Can social care needs and well-being be explained by EQ-5D? Analysis of the Health Survey for England dataset.Jeshika SinghValuation01/07/2015completed
Reducing biases in adaptive Time Trade-Off using non-transparent methodsJose Luis Pinto-PradesValuation01/06/2015completed
Issue panel and Workshop at ISPOR Singapore 2016Juan Manuel Ramos-Go–iEducation and Outreach01/05/2016completed
Reintroduction of the ranking task in EQ-5D valuation. Improved data quality and reduced level of inconsistencies?Juan Manuel Ramos-Go–iValuation01/12/2013completed
Health-related quality of life and perceived burden of informal caregivers of patients with rare diseases in EuropeJuan Manuel Ramos-Go–iValuation01/11/2014completed
A Randomised Controlled Trial of the effect of Short-Stretch Inelastic Compression bandages on Knee Function following total knee arthroplasty: Comparison of EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5LJuan Manuel Ramos-Go–iDescriptive Systems01/10/2016ongoing
Interval TTO valuation approach (2nd revision)Juan Manuel Ramos-Go–iValuation01/12/2017ongoing
Selecting health attributes; the patients perspectiveK.M. VermeulenDescriptive Systems01/12/2016completed
Use of EQ-5D in elderly populations (Call for proposal 1)Valentina Prevolnik RupelBeyond Healthcare01/06/2013completed
HTA and quality of life measurement in patientsValentina Prevolnik RupelBeyond Healthcare01/09/2013completed
Revisiting EQ-5D-3L tariffs Ð An international collaboration between Slovenia end PortugalValentina RupelValuation01/05/2017ongoing
Comparing the predictive accuracy of different main-effects regression models on left-out EQ-5D-5L health states: 20-parameter additive model vs. 8, 9, and 11 parameter multiplicative models. Kim Rand-HendriksenValuation01/04/2015completed
Hybrid model in RKim Rand-HendriksenValuation01/06/2015completed
Intercept investigation: Does the value drop from full health to any EQ-5D problems reflect preferences, or is it an artefact of the valuation method? Kim Rand-HendriksenValuation01/06/2015ongoing
EQVT iteration experimentKim Rand-HendriksenValuation01/02/2014ongoing
General public EQ-5D measurement before and during general Covid-19 quarantine in SpainKim Rand-HendriksenDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/03/2020ongoing
HRQoL among patients seeking treatment for abuse of illicit substancesKim Rand-HendriksenInnovative Research01/06/2015ongoing
HRQoL and Health Literacy among informal caregivers to persons with dementiaKim Rand-Hendriksen, Jorun RugkŒsaInnovative Research01/12/2019ongoing
Research and development to support a Turkish Quality Adjusted Life Years IndexKirstin OzturkValuation01/03/2017ongoing
A qualitative approach to understanding what aspects of health are important to peopleKoonal ShahDescriptive Systems01/05/2016completed
Valuing health states 'in context'Koonal ShahValuation01/11/2015completed
Two MSc student project placements on EuroQol-related topicsKoonal ShahValuation01/03/2016completed
Important aspects of (full) health not captured by EQ-5DKoonal ShahValuation01/02/2015completed
MSc student project placements on a EuroQol-related topicKoonal Shahfasttrack01/05/2018ongoing
Funding application: Early Career Researcher MeetingKoonal ShahEducation and Outreach01/10/2019completed
ISPOR Issue Panel on child health valuationKoonal ShahEQ-5D in Younger Populations, Education and Outreach01/06/2019completed
TTO valuation sets for EQ-5D-3L Ð country comparisonKoonal ShahValuation01/06/2016ongoing
Conceptual challenges in the valuation of health in children and adolescentsKoonal ShahValuation01/05/2020ongoing
Valuing health in children: an examination of age, perspective and methodological effects (REVISED)Koonal ShahEQ-5D in Younger Populations, Valuation01/05/2020ongoing
The use and research of EQ-5D instruments in East and South-East Asia: a systematic reviewLing-Hsiang Chuang, Nan LuoEducation and Outreach01/05/2016ongoing
Methods for development of a generic descriptive systemLouise LongworthDescriptive Systems01/05/2016completed
Overview of psychometric properties of EQ-5D in a range of conditionsLouise LongworthValuation01/07/2013completed
Uses and applications of EQ-5D in Latin America & the Caribbean - Systematic Review and bibliometric studyLucila Rey-AresEducation and Outreach01/05/2016completed
EQ-5D for monitoring population health: a comparison of general population survey data in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and UruguayLucila Rey-AresDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2015completed
Hong Kong participation BTD-WTD split experimentWongValuation01/02/2014completed
EQ-5D-5L valuation study in Hong KongWongValuation01/09/2012ongoing
Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L+RMaureen Rutten-van MolkenValuation01/01/2015completed
Test of reference dependency in EQ-5D-5L health state valuationsMatthijs VersteeghValuation01/12/2013completed
A Korean valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LMin-Joo WooValuation01/01/2013completed
Workshop to discuss the legitimacy, estimation, and uses of the Minimal Important Difference (MID) with EQ-5D Mike HerdmanEducation and Outreach01/12/2016completed
Assessing the health of the general population in England: how do the EQ-5D 3L and 5L versions compare?Mike HerdmanValuation01/05/2014completed
A fuzzy approach to time trade-off experiment in EQ-5D-3L valuationMicha_ JakubczykValuation01/06/2015completed
Building values sets based on TTO results by averaging model predictions and actually observed meansMicha_ JakubczykValuation01/12/2016ongoing
Making both ends neat: exploring the effects of modifying the TTO on non trading and all in tradingMicha_ JakubczykValuation01/09/2019ongoing
Development of EQ-5D-Y-3L norms data based on a general population sample of children and adolescents in SwedenMimmi AstromEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/06/2015completed
Valuation of EQ-5D-5L health states for healthcare decision making in SingaporeNan LuoValuation01/12/2012completed
ComparisonÊofÊ3LÊandÊ5LÊhealthÊprofilesÊandÊvaluationÊinÊpatientsÊwithÊ ischemicÊheartÊdiseasesÊNan LuoDescriptive Systems01/05/2017completed
Publishing a paper titled ÒCost-utility analysis using EQ-5D: does how the utility values are derived matter?Ónan luoDescriptive Systems01/07/2017completed
EuroQol workshops back-to-back with ISPOR 7th Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore on September 3, 2016Nan LuoEducation and Outreach01/02/2016completed
Pre-conference EQ-5D Short Course for South China Pharm-economics Forum 2016Nan LuoEducation and Outreach01/10/2016completed
Two EQ workshops at ISPOR AsiaNan LuoDescriptive Systems01/05/2014completed
The EQ-5D-5L INSTRUMENT: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURENan Luofasttrack01/07/2018completed
2nd EQ-5D training workshop for ChinaNan Luofasttrack01/08/2018completed
Comparison between EQ-5D-3L-Y and EQ-5D-5L-Y in a patient population in Hong Kongnan luofasttrack01/08/2017completed
TestingÊtheÊfaceÊandÊcontentÊvalidityÊofÊE_QALYÊ domainsÊandÊitems:ÊaÊstudyÊofÊtheÊChineseÊ populationÊÊNan Luofasttrack01/04/2018completed
The effect of chronic conditions on valuation of EQ?5D?5L health statesNan LuoValuation01/06/2015completed
Writing a manuscript titled 'valuation of health outcomes using the time trade-off technique: the EuroQol protocols' for publication in the journal of PharmacoeconomicsNan LuoValuation01/08/2015completed
Writing up a manuscript titled 'Estimating a time trade-off EQ-5D-5L value set for China' for publicationNan LuoValuation01/01/2016completed
Testing the potential of multiplicative models for efficient EQ-5D bolton/off valuation study designNan LuoDescriptive Systems01/12/2017ongoing
Testing 4 cognition bolt-on items in a community dwelling elderly groupNan LuoDescriptive Systems01/05/2018ongoing
UseÊEQ_PVTÊtoÊdevelopÊaÊcancerÊpatientÊpreferencesÊbasedÊEQ_5D_5LÊ valueÊsetNan Luofasttrack01/05/2018ongoing
PsychometricÊvalidationÊofÊtheÊChineseÊversionÊofÊEQ_5D_YÊforÊChinaÊinÊ threeÊmedicalÊconditionsÊNan LuoEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2017ongoing
A head_to_head comparison of EQ_5D_3L and EQ_5D_5L index scores: more levels is better responsiveness?Nan LuoDescriptive Systems01/05/2016completed
QALY estimation for HTA: The EuroQol approach. 2019 HTAsiaLink Annual ConferenceNan Luofasttrack01/01/2019completed
Does EQ-5D cover the most undesirable health problems in different cultures? A study of seven countries using a mixed methodsNan LuoDescriptive Systems01/12/2019ongoing
A mixed methods approach to testing alternative recall periods for EQ-5D (2nd revision)Nan LuoDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Initial psychometric testing of E-QALY and 3L-5L comparison in ChinaNan LuoDescriptive Systems, eQALY01/12/2018ongoing
travel scholarship for Qingqing ChaiNan LuoEducation and Outreach01/06/2019ongoing
travel scholarship for Xueyun ZengNan LuoEducation and Outreach01/06/2019ongoing
A fast-track proposal for supporting a fresh PhD graduate to do post-doc research work on EQ-5DNan LuoInnovative Research01/07/2020ongoing
A comparison of proxy 1 and proxy 2 of EQ-5D-Y: validity, reliability and responsivenessNan LuoEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/09/2020ongoing
Testing and comparing the Spanish version of EQ-5D-3L-Y and EQ-5D-5L-Y in general and cancer young populationNarcis GusiEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2017ongoing
EuroQol past, present & future publicationNancy DevlinEducation and Outreach01/03/2015completed
Directly eliciting personal utility functions: a feasibility study of an innovative approach to valuing HRQoLNancy DevlinInnovative Research01/07/2014completed
Extension EQ-5D-5L study England for other UK countriesNancy DevlinValuation01/12/2012completed
An investigation of EQ-5D-5L values in the United Arab Emirates: a feasibility studyNancy DevlinValuation01/06/2013completed
The distribution of the EQ-5D-5L Index in patient populationsNancy DevlinValuation01/04/2015completed
Anchoring discrete choice experiment values at 0=death for the EQ-5D-YNancy DevlinValuation01/09/2016completed
An online DCE study to support the development of an EQ-5D-Y value set for the UKNancy DevlinValuation01/10/2016completed
Supplementary funding 5L value set study England: LSENancy DevlinValuation01/01/2014completed
Guidance onÊmethods for analysing data from EQ-5DÊinstrumentsNancy DevlinEducation and Outreach01/03/2017ongoing
An international meeting of health system users of EQ-5D in routine outcomes measurementNancy devlinEducation and Outreach, Large scale applications01/12/2018completed
Drop dead: an assessment of the conceptual basis for ÔdeathÕ as an anchor in health state valuationNancy Devlin, David Parkinfasttrack01/05/2018completed
New methods for analysing the distribution of EQ-5D observations in data setsNancy Devlin, David ParkinDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2016completed
(Proposal extension) Anchoring discrete choice experiment values at 0=dead for the EQ-5D-Y: additional data collection to control for instrumentNancy Devlin, Juan Manuel Ramos-Go–ifasttrack01/11/2017completed
(Proposal extension) An online DCE study to support the development of an EQ-5D-Y value set for the UK: including an adolescent arm in the studyNancy Devlin, Oliver Rivero-AriasEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2017completed
Using routine collection of the EQ-5D to enhance shared decision making: a proof of concept studyNick BansbackDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/01/2015completed
Investigating the validity of values worse than dead estimated using DCE with durationNick BansbackValuation01/12/2013completed
A PROMs based patient decision aid for patients considering total knee arthroplasty: development and a pilot randomized controlled trial.Nick BansbackDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/01/2016ongoing
Global HTA survey (REVISED)Nick BansbackInnovative Research01/09/2020ongoing
Bringing Patients Back to the PROM. Development and delivery of a workshop to promote the use of the EQ-5D to inform patientsNick BansbackDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2019ongoing
The role of EQ-5D value sets based on patient preferences in the context of hospital choice in the national PROM programme in EnglandNils GutackerDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2016completed
Decomposing the socioeconomic gradient in health-related quality of life over the life course (DeQoL-LIFE)Nils GutackerDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2020ongoing
Case-mix adjustment of EQ-5D health profiles for the purpose of hospital performance assessmentNils GutackerDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2019ongoing
Developing and testing a new Stata command to calculate country-specific index values from EQ-5D-5L responsesOliver Rivero-Ariasfasttrack01/05/2018completed
QALY-balanced DCE designs for health state evaluationsMark OppeValuation01/06/2015completed
Feasibility of the use of EQ-5D in quantitative benefit-risk assessmentMark OppeInnovative Research01/09/2013ongoing
Two small DCE projectsMark OppeValuation01/03/2016completed
Discrete choice modeling from a different anglePaul KrabbeValuation01/06/2014completed
LSHA WorkshopPaul KindDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2014completed
Temporal variation in population health in EnglandPaul KindDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2014completed
Measuring population health status at a time of national crisisPaul KindDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/03/2020ongoing
Using EQ-5D to inform real-world decision making : a cross-sectoral perspectivePaul KindEducation and Outreach01/12/2019ongoing
Learning from 5L valuation studies : Investigating differences in preference structuresPaul KindValuation01/12/2019ongoing
Valuing EQ-5D-3L health states in a representative sample of the Colombian population : a proposed retest extensionPaul Kindfasttrack01/04/2015completed
Clik 2016Paul KindDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2016completed
2-day entry level course describing development and current status of EQ-5D "technologies" for RussiaPaul KindEducation and Outreach01/02/2016ongoing
Demonstrating the feasibility and operational value of the routine measurement of health status in community mental health services: exploring the use of EQ-5D in an operational NHS settingPaul KindDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2015ongoing
A City-wide survey of HrQoL in children using EQ-5D-YPaul KindEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2015ongoing
Estimation of the EQ-5D-5L value set for PortugalPedro FerreiraValuation01/05/2015completed
States worse than Dead: Exposing the measurement properties of the Better than Dead preference methodPeep StalmeierValuation01/01/2013completed
Values for severe states: a methodological and cultural viewPeep StalmeierValuation01/06/2015completed
Facing death to understand the construct validity of the (c)TTO method:
a conceptual approach
Peep StalmeierValuation, Descriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Developments in preference-based measures of health: scoring approaches and guidanceSimon PickardEducation and Outreach01/02/2016completed
Extending the QALY project in the United States Ð testing the face and content validity of a preliminary list of itemsSimon Pickardfasttrack01/04/2018completed
Measuring concordance between patient and proxy raters of EQ-5D using fuzzy set theorySimon PickardValuation01/05/2016completed
US valuation study of the EQ-5D-5LSimon PickardValuation01/06/2016completed
Understanding the relationship between health behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of HRQL using the EQ-5DSimon PickardValuation01/05/2014completed
No kidding: the validity of discrete choice experiments in children - a pilot studySimon PickardEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/06/2015completed
Comparison of EQ-5D-3L and 5L value sets/scoring for US usersSimon PickardValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Psychometric assessment of the E-QALY item pool in the United StatesSimon PickardDescriptive Systems, eQALY01/12/2018completed
US population norms for the EQ-5D-5LSimon PickardValuation01/06/2019completed
Development of Thai population-based preference scores for EQ-5D-5LJuntana PattanaphesajValuation01/02/2013completed
The EQ-5D-Y in a clinical sample of children and adolescents with asthma, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis: convergent validity, agreement between self-and parent-reports as well as sensitivity to changeUlrike Ravens-SiebererEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2016completed
The impact of duration on EQ_5D_5L value sets derived from a Discrete Choice ExperimentRichard NormanValuation01/06/2015completed
Framing effects when valuing EQ-5D-Y health states in a latent scale DCERichard NormanValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2018ongoing
An Australian Value Set for the EQ-5D-YRichard NormanValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
An Australian Value Set for the EQ-5D-Y - budget extensionRichard NormanValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
The relationship between the EQ-5D and surgical outcomes in a large Australian registry of percutaneous intervention patientsRichard NormanDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2016ongoing
Comparing the EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L in a cohort of cancer patientsRichard Norman, Paula LorgellyDescriptive Systems01/05/2017completed
Using DCE with duration to value EQ-5D-5L: Simplifying the task completion processRosalie VineyValuation01/07/2015completed
Valuing EQ-5D-5L in Australia: A comparison of the EQ-VT protocol and DCE with durationRosalie VineyValuation01/05/2016ongoing
Combining health and social outcomes using the EQ-5D-5L and the ASCOT Ð development of a pilot value setRosalie VineyDescriptive Systems, Valuation01/05/2020ongoing
Value sets for EQ-5D-5L: A compendium, comparative review & user guideBram RoudijkValuation01/06/2020ongoing
Trickling down to explain the valuation of worse than dead states: towards more valid values.Bram RoudijkValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Valuation of the EQ-5D-3L-Y in the Netherlands and an investigation on different proxy perspectivesBram RoudijkValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
The EQ-5D-5L valuation study in EgyptSamar faridValuation01/05/2018ongoing
Understanding relationships between the EQ-5D and Personal Well-beingSarah DerrettBeyond Healthcare01/09/2014completed
Monitoring neurotrauma patient outcomes in Bandung, Indonesia: A feasibility studySarah DerrettDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2015completed
Development of health-related quality of life (EQ-5D-5L) value set for IndiaShankar PrinjaValuation01/09/2018ongoing
EQ-5D-5L Electronic Measurement Equivalence ProjectStephen CoonsInnovative Research01/07/2014completed
Startup & support cost for the UK 5L valuation studyBernhard SlaapValuation01/09/2020ongoing
Valuing Health-Related Quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Belgium.Sophie GerkensValuation01/09/2017ongoing
Valuing Health-Related Quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Belgium: Request for budget extentionGerkens SophieValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Course Title: Discrete choice for health state valuationElly StolkEducation and Outreach01/03/2013completed
The impact of overlap and color coding on response efficiency in discrete choice experimentsElly StolkValuation01/10/2015completed
Separation of the BTD and WTD task in TTOElly StolkValuation01/02/2014completed
The impact of color coding and the optimal degree of overlap in discrete choice experimentsElly StolkValuation01/05/2016ongoing
The impact of framing effects on EQ-5D-5L valuationsElly StolkValuation01/12/2013ongoing
EQ-5D-Y valuation study in JapanTakeru ShiroiwaEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/09/2018completed
Scoring Methods for the EQ-5D instrument: theoretical background and empirical analyses (revised application)Thomas Kohlmann, Simon PickardValuation01/05/2017completed
Analyzing health inequities using the EQ-5D in the Chilean general populationVictor ZarateDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2016completed
Analyzing self-perceive health status using the EQ-5D in Latin America: 1st approach to the Gallup 2007 World Survey (19 countries)Victor ZarateDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2016completed
Understanding Self-perceived Health in Latin AmericaVictor ZarateDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2017completed
Recent experiences using the EuroQol EQ-5D instrument In Latin America: The 3L & 5L; Public Health And Economic Evaluations; Newer Time Trade Off Variants And Discrete ChoiceExperimentsVictor Zaratefasttrack01/09/2017ongoing
EQ-5D: the ABC approach to measuring and valuing health in Latin America (W15 workshop: 5th ISPOR Latin America meeting/Chile 2015Victor ZarateEducation and Outreach01/07/2015completed
German tariff for EQ-5D-5LWolfgang GreinerValuation01/09/2012completed
Feasibility and application of the EQ-5D in elderlyWolfgang GreinerDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/06/2015completed
Extending the QALY - Testing face and content validity with patients, social-care users and carers in GermanyWolfgang Greinerfasttrack01/01/2018completed
Application study of the EQ-5D-5L in oncology: linking self-reported quality of life of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer to clinical data of a German tumor registryWolfgang GreinerDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/09/2016completed
A German Tariff for the EQ-5D-5L - an explorative pre-studyWolfgang GreinerValuation01/01/2014completed
Extension of the labels within the EQ-5D-YWolfgang GreinerEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/09/2013completed
Comparing valuation of the EQ-5D-Y and the EQ-5D-3L: The impact of wording and perspectiveWolfgang GreinerEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/06/2014completed
Comparison of different model specifications for the frequentist estimation of random effect hybridWolfgang GreinerValuation01/03/2017ongoing
Extending the QALY Ð Psychometric testing of the items in Germany to support the item selection for the new measureWolfgang GreinerDescriptive Systems, eQALY01/12/2018ongoing
Testing the robustness of the German EQ-5D-5L value set for people with health impairmentsWolfgang Greinerfasttrack01/12/2018ongoing
Valuing the EQ-5D-Y-3L in Germany, Spain and SloveniaWolfgang GreinerEQ-5D in Younger Populations, Valuation01/11/2018ongoing
Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)Ahmed AljedaiValuation01/10/2019ongoing
Generating an EQ-5D-3L value set for the Hashemite kingdom of JordanAl RabayahValuation01/03/2020ongoing
single profile preference elicitation method to value bolt-on itemsÊÊ6Andrea MonteiroValuation, Descriptive Systems01/06/2020ongoing
Elicitation of a Norwegian EQ-5D-5L value setAndrew GarrettValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Design and Analysis Considerations when using the EQ-5D alongside clinical trials or observational studies for economic evaluation: PhD studentship and development of tools for analysts and researchersAndrew Lloyd, Andrew BriggsDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/03/2020ongoing
Alberta EQ-5D end-user conference and APERSU Scientific Advisory Committee meeting fall 2015Arto OhimaaEducation and Outreach01/07/2015completed
EQ-5D-5L in productivity assessment according to the type of occupationBeata KonDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Preference heterogeneity in health valuationBenjamin Craig, Suzanna KarimValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Head-to-head comparison of the EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L: Psychometric properties in DementiaBernhard MichalowskyDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
A systematic review of the measurement properties of EQ-5D-5LInes Buchholz, Feng XieDescriptive Systems01/03/2016completed
Agreement between proxy EQ_5D_Y and self_reported EQ_5D_Y in a paediatric patient groupCarlos Wongfasttrack01/12/2018ongoing
Psychometric testing of proxy EQ-5D-5L-Y in caregivers of paediatric patients with idiopathic scoliosisCarlos Wong, Nan Luofasttrack01/06/2019ongoing
Assessment of the EQ-5D-5L compared to EQ-5D-3L and generation of population norms in EnglandClara MukuriaDescriptive Systems01/05/2016completed
Extending the QALY Valuation Study in EnglandClara MukuriaValuation01/06/2019ongoing
The feasibility, reliability and validity of the EQ-5D-Y-5L versus the EQ-5D-Y-3L and CHU9D in routine healthcare settings among adolescents living with HIV in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: a mixed-method studyDarshini GovindasamyEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/09/2020ongoing
Using TTO data to anchor DCE data and produce EQ-5D-Y value sets: comparing alternative approaches using existing and simulated dataDavid MottValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
A comparison of DCEs with choice sets of size 2 and DCEs with various choice set sizes for the valuation of the EQ-5DDebbie StreetValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Valuing Health-State: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Uzbekistan populationDjalalovValuation01/03/2020ongoing
Valuing health benefits for children and adolescents: Qualitative research examining the impact of perspective and respondentsÕ priorities around adult and child healthDonna RowenEQ-5D in Younger Populations, Valuation01/06/2019ongoing
Modelling dependence in EQ-VT DCE data: impact on value setsEleanor PullenayegumValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Efficient designs for valuation studies that use DCEs with mapping to TTO health statesEleanor PullenayegumValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Improving predictive precision in valuation studies using non-parametric techniquesEleanor PullenayegumValuation01/05/2020ongoing
Developing a value set for the child-friendly EQ-5D health-related quality of life instrument EQ-5D-Y in Hong KongEliza Wong, Carlos WongEQ-5D in Younger Populations, Valuation01/12/2019ongoing
Health-related quality of life in patients with amputation of the lower extremity: a comparison of EQ-5D-3L and -5L performanceEmelie HeintzDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2018ongoing
Knowledge translation for the use of EQ-5D as a PROM for routine outcome measurement in health systemsFatima Al SayahDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2020ongoing
The impact of COVID-19 on health status, based on the EQ-5D-5L, of adults visiting emergency departments and primary care clinics in Alberta, CanadaFatima Al SayahDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2020ongoing
panel presentation titled "Putting Patients at the Centre of Health Care: The use of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in the Healthcare SystemÓ for CAHSPR annual conference Fatima al SayahEducation and Outreach01/03/2019completed
EuroQol Annual meeting of Asian region: sharing and networking between EQ-5D researchers of Asian countries.Fredrick Purba, Zhihao YangEducation and Outreach01/12/2018completed
monetary support for ongoing Tunisian valuation studyHajer FalfelValuation01/03/2019ongoing
Performance of the EQ-5D in the European aging population Ð A study on measurement properties, population norms, health inequalities and determinants of health in a large representative sample of European adults aged 55+ using the SHARE-dataInes BuchholzDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2020ongoing
Cross-cultural Validity and Reliability Testing of the Toddler and Infant (TANDI) Health Related Quality of Life Measure, an experimental version of the EQ-5D-Y ProxyJanine VerstraeteDescriptive Systems, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/06/2019ongoing
Validation of the UK English version of EQ-5D-Y-5L in South AfricaJanine VerstraeteEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/11/2018ongoing
Performance of the EQ-5D-Y Interviewer Administered Version in young children aged 5-8 yearsJanine VerstraeteEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
Exploring the EQ-5D adult and youth descriptive systemsJanine VerstraeteEQ-5D in Younger Populations, Descriptive systems01/09/2020ongoing
Validation of the Chichewa versions of the EQ-5D-Y-3L and the EQ-5D-Y-5L in MalawiJanine Verstraete, Lucky Ngwira fasttrack01/06/2019ongoing
travel scholarship for Olivia Ernstssonjeff johnson, Arthur ohinmaaEducation and Outreach01/06/2019completed
Patient Reported Outcomes in Quality of Care. A systematic review with specific attention to barriers and opportunities for EQ-5D in orthopedic surgeryJoshua BonselEducation and Outreach01/05/2020ongoing
Test-retest reliability of the EQ-5D-5L in the general population of the UK, Italy and the NetherlandsJuanita HaagsmaDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Does rapid fluctuation of health over time affect the actual time span that is used by trauma patients when thinking of Ôyour health todayÕ?Juanita HaagsmaDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Is there a need for bolt-on itching and fatigue beyond pain and discomfort? Empirical evidence to demonstrate whether specific symptoms are contained within the broader pain/discomfort dimension and development of a standard approach to reject/confirm a bolt-in statusJuanita HaagsmaDescriptive Systems01/12/2018ongoing
The added value of bolt on dimensions: a systematic review of studies that analyzed the performance of proposed bolt-ons for the EQ-5DJuanita HaagsmaDescriptive Systems01/12/2018ongoing
Prediction of injury recovery patterns: can multiple measurements of EQ-5D data be used in dynamic prediction models?Juanita HaagsmaDescriptive Systems01/06/2019ongoing
Does the scoring matter? The impact of using different EQ-5D scoring methods on cost-utility resultsJudith BosmansValuation01/05/2020ongoing
Extension to 20180300: What aspects of quality of life are important to people with experience of cognitive or visual impairment? A qualitative investigationKatie Page, Rebecca AddoDescriptive Systems01/12/2019ongoing
EQ-5D as an outcome indicator : analysis of its performance in a longitudinal study of patients receiving palliative careKatie Spencer, Paul KindDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications, valuation01/12/2018ongoing
Developing and testing a version of EQ-5D-Y for use in children aged 2-5 years using a mixed methods approachKim DalzielEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
An EQ-5D-5L value set for the Swedish populationKlas Goran SahlenValuation01/12/2018ongoing
Analysis of EQ-5D profile data and EQ VAS scores across patient groups in the Swedish National Quality Registers and use in developing alternative ways of summarizing EQ-5D data.Kristina BurstršmValuation01/06/2016completed
Deriving EQ-5D-5L preference weights for Denmark - request for budget extensionLars EhlersValuation01/12/2019ongoing
travel scholarship Li ShiLi Shi, Nan LuoTravel Scholarship01/06/2020ongoing
An exploratory analysis of the Pain/Discomfort dimension of the EQ-5D-5L in people living with physical and mental health conditionsLidia EngelDescriptive Systems01/12/2019completed
Can adding routinely collected EQ-5D-5L administrative data improve predictions about who will be a high-cost user of healthcare?Logan TrenamanDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/09/2020ongoing
Establishment of a UK EuroQol Group and initial 1 day meetingLouise Longworth, Andrew Lloydfasttrack01/02/2020ongoing
travel scholarship Lucky NgwiraLucky NgwiraTravel Scholarship01/06/2020ongoing
Statistical analysis and preparation of a manuscript describing the responsiveness, and impact on outcomes of administering the EQ_5D_Y via internet to children/youths with Type I Diabetes Mellitus in clinical practice.Luis RajmilEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/08/2016completed
Developing an EQ-5D-3L Value Set and Population Norms for Pakistan Ð A Pilot StudyMadeeha Malik e.a.Valuation01/12/2018completed
An international comparison of the impacts of COVID-19 using EQ-5DMara ViolataDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/10/2020ongoing
Improved anchoring of stand-alone DCE duration value sets by incorporating immediate death and maximum endurable time; a mixed methods approach based on the EQ-5D-5L and E-QALY instrumentsMarcel JonkerValuation01/12/2019ongoing
User-friendly tool to optimize (D)efficient DCE duration designs for the EQ-5D-Y / EQ-5D-5L.Marcel Jonkerfasttrack01/11/2018completed
Which utility function do respondents (actually) use when completing DCE-duration choice tasks?Marcel JonkerValuation01/06/2019completed
A comparison of methods to evaluate DCE response qualityMarcel JonkerValuation01/01/2020ongoing
Mixed logit estimation of QALY tariffs corrected for non-linear time preferencesMarcel JonkerValuation01/06/2020ongoing
EUROQOL Satellite Symposium - Applying Qualityof life Measurements for Clinical and Economic ResearchMarisa SantosEducation and Outreach01/06/2019ongoing
Extension of Variability in DCE Results _ October 2016Mark OppeValuation01/09/2016completed
Valuation of EQ-5D-5L in Uganda and exploration of a ÔliteÕ protocolMark SculpherValuation01/12/2019ongoing
Validation of the EQ-5D plus respiratory bolt-on in the birmingham copd cohort studymartine hoogendoornfasttrack01/11/2019ongoing
Severity and EQ-5D (SEVQ). How can EQ5D-utilitites capture notions of severity for priority setting in health care.Mathias BarraValuation01/12/2019ongoing
Assessment and comparison of the feasibility and measurement properties of the EQ-5D-Y-3L and EQ-5D-Y-5L self-complete versions in the Tigrinya language and comparison with the CHU-9DMichael HerdmanEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
Assessment and comparison of the feasibility and measurement properties of the EQ-5D-Y-3L and EQ-5D-Y-5L self-complete versions in the Tigrinya language and comparison with the CHU-9DMichael HerdmanEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
Investigating the difference between hypothetical and experienced valuations: the case of mistaken expectationsMilad KarimiValuation01/09/2016completed
Public perspectives on patient preferences: an extension to project 2016560Milad KarimiValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Exploring experiences among adults and adolescents of health state valuation for the EQ-5D-Y-3L - a qualitative studyMimmi stršmÊEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2019ongoing
The feasibility of using the EQ-VT program to conduct the EQ-5D-5L valuation study in rural ChinaMinghui LiValuation01/09/2016ongoing
Validation and Comparison of the Psychometric Properties of the EQ-5D-3L-Y and EQ-5D-5L-Y in the United StatesMinghui LiEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/11/2018ongoing
Psychometric assessment of the eQALY item pool in AustraliaBrendan Mulhern, Lidia EngelDescriptive Systems, eQALY01/12/2018completed
Assessing regional variations in the impact of COVID-19 on quality of life as a function of regional social isolation controls in the U.S.Nadine ZawadzkiDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2020ongoing
A qualitative study to explore the interpretation and relevance of the EQ_5D questionnaire in 4 Asian countriesNan Luo, Mike HerdmanDescriptive Systems01/05/2016ongoing
Exploring non-iterative time trade-off methods for valuation of EQ-5D-5L health statesNan Luo, Zhihao YangValuation01/06/2019ongoing
An investigation of the Ôshrinking factorÕ model for predicting vision and cognition bolt-on values elicited from the general publicNan Luo, Zhihao YangValuation, Descriptive Systems01/12/2019ongoing
Exploring the relationship between EQ-5D-5L and PROMIS-29Nancy Devlin, Brendan MulhernDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications, valuation01/06/2019ongoing
The impact of COVID-19 on population healthNing Yan GuDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/04/2020ongoing
Investigating the descriptive basis of EQ-5D: a cold-case analysisPaul Kind, Nancy DevlinDescriptive Systems01/05/2016ongoing
Investigating response heterogeneity in the EQ-5DPaula LorgellyDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2019ongoing
Comparing the psychometric properties of EQ-5D-Y-5L and EQ-5D-Y-3L in children with osteogenesis imperfecta in ChinaRichard XuEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/05/2020ongoing
A parallel EQ-5D-3L/5L valuation study in LebanonSamer Kharroubi, Fatima al SayahValuation01/12/2019ongoing
Valuing the EQ-5D-Y-3L in Belgium using the new protocolSarah DewildeValuation01/05/2020ongoing
Insight into the higher health state valuation for children compared to adults: effect of 3 valuation methodsSarah DewildeEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/11/2018ongoing
Insight into the higher health state valuation for children compared to adults: effect of 3 valuation methods. Request for budget extensionSarah DewildeEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2019ongoing
The impact of partial profile designs on the valuation of health statesSesil LimValuation01/12/2018ongoing
Measuring and Valuing Patient-Reported Outcomes in Economic Evaluations of Health Care WorkshopSimon Pickard, Feng XieEducation and Outreach01/08/2019completed
The role of time and lexicographic preferences in valuation of EQ-5D-Y for health states better and worse than dead.Stefan LipmanValuation01/05/2020ongoing
Correcting bias in time trade-off within the EuroQol Valuation TechnologyStefan LipmanValuation01/06/2019ongoing
Think of the children: rationale for and implications of the perspective in EQ-5D-Y-3L health state valuationStefan LipmanEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2019ongoing
Individual vs. proxy, child vs. adult Ð A systematic study of different perspectives applied in TTO valuation for EQ-5D-YStefan LipmanEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2019ongoing
Preference heterogeneity in health valuation: Peru EQ-VT dataSuzana KarimValuation01/05/2020ongoing
Preference heterogeneity in health valuation: Dutch BWS dataSuzana KarimValuation01/07/2020ongoing
Budget transfer from international Psychometric surveys to TUOSTessa PeasgoodDescriptive Systems, eQALY01/12/2018ongoing
Extending the QALY Valuation Study in the UK: A feasibility study of applying different valuation methods to a health and wellbeing classification systemTessa PeasgoodValuation01/12/2018ongoing
Test of the minimal number of C-TTO states in the valuation protocol of the EQ-5D-3L-YTiti Fitriani, Jan van BusschbachValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/11/2018ongoing
Describing the Worse than Dead in Youth ValuationTiti Fitrianifasttrack01/02/2020ongoing
Chronic disease, co-morbidities and health-related quality of life in a representative sample of the New Zealand populationTrudy Sullivan, Sarah Derrettfasttrack01/02/2019completed
Understanding adult preferences in the valuation of child and adolescent health states measured with the EQ-5D-Y: A qualitative approach.Vivianne Reckers, Milad KarimiEQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2019ongoing
Exploring the variance of EQ-5D-5L index in patients with chronic conditions in EnglandYan FengDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2018ongoing
Understanding the relationship between clinical quality of primary care and patient self-reported health on the EQ-5D in EnglandYan FengDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2016completed
Exploring the inconsistent ordering of levels of the EQ-5D-5L value setYan FengValuation01/06/2015ongoing
The psychometric properties, feasibility and usefulness of the EQ-5D-5L in Ethiopian stroke patients- A mixed-methods longitudinal studyYared Belete BelayDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
The psychometric properties, feasibility and usefulness of the EQ-5D-5L in Ethiopian stroke patients- A mixed-methods longitudinal studyYared Belete BelayDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Developing Scoring Methods for the 25-item EQALY InstrumentYou-Shan FengDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
Using EQ-5D to measure health status in Chinese populations during the COVID-19 pandemicZhuxin MaoDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/05/2020ongoing
Testing the appropriateness of EQ-5D in a socioeconomically disadvantaged populationZhuxin Mao, Paul KindDescriptive Systems01/12/2019ongoing
Regional differences in health-related quality of life in England: EQ-5D in national surveys of the general populationZhuxin Mao, Paul KindDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications01/12/2019ongoing
A fast-track proposal: write and publish a paper comparing DCE data from 11 Asian EQ-5D-5L valuation studiesZhihao Yangfasttrack01/06/2018ongoing
Extending the QALY: Opportunities and challenges in developing a new international (preference-based) outcome measureZhihao YangDescriptive Systems01/05/2020ongoing
A PhD grant to investigate the valuation of worse-than-dead health statesZhihao YangValuation01/05/2020ongoing
extension of 20190150: Exploring non-iterative time trade-off methods for valuation of EQ-5D-5L health states: an on-line experimentZhihao YangValuation01/12/2019ongoing
Compare the TTO and DCE modelling results on individual levelZhihao YangValuation01/06/2019ongoing
An investigation of constructing EQ-5D-5L value sets by censoring time-trade off data at 0Zhihao Yangfasttrack01/02/2019completed
Investigating the effect of interaction terms in modelling EQ-5D value set and its impact on sample size requirements using three VAS saturated dataZhihao YangValuation01/05/2020ongoing
Estimating an EQ-5D-Y value set for ChinaZhihao YangValuation, EQ-5D in Younger Populations01/12/2019ongoing
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