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Research funding

Apply for research funding

The EuroQol Research Foundation will fund high quality research that is of scientific and strategic interest to the EuroQol Group and its members.

EuroQol can offer a variety of grant types, listed below. Each Call for Proposals will outline what type of projects are invited. Please note the availability of the types of grants offered may vary from one call to the next.

  • Research grants
    1.1 Regular research project
    1.2 Valuation study
    1.3 Seed grant
  • Individual grants
    2.1 PhD grant
    2.2 Postdoctoral grant (currently not available)
    2.3 Travel grant
  • Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer
    3.1 Education and Outreach project
    3.2 Open Access Fee reimbursement
  • Large Scale Investments (XL grants)
    4.1 Program of Work in any strategically relevant topic area

Unless stated otherwise in a Call for Proposals, the lead applicant must be a member of the EuroQol Group, in principle, unless applying for a Seed Grant.

Proposals should be submitted to the EQ Office using the EuroQol Project Submissions Portal, in accordance with the latest Call for Proposals (See below)

Open calls

The 16th Joint Call for Proposals by the EuroQol Working Groups is now OPEN. You can download the Call for Proposals document here.

The EuroQol Research Foundation is inviting applications for funding by its competitive research funding programs. The Foundation aims to serve the public interest by supporting scientific research and development of instruments which describe and value health without an aim for profit.

As always, the Foundation intends to fund high quality research that is of scientific and strategic interest to the EuroQol Group and its members. Working Groups (WGs) have been set up to support the research agenda outlined by the Executive Committee (Exec) that primarily focuses on the measurement and valuation of health. The WGs are appointed by the Exec to foster research within their remit, which can be found in the Working Groups aims document (appendix 1 of the Joint Call document).

Proposals that seek to address one or more specific aims of the WGs will be considered for funding, but strategic priorities will influence decisions. For this call, the WGs have reviewed coverage of their aims by the current research portfolio and identified priority areas. The targeted calls below result from that priority check.

Please note:

  • The provisional funding available for the current call stands at approximately €1-1.5M. Therefore, the Exec is still willing to consider a range of funding opportunities of benefit to the Group. This includes activities to support research collaboration and dissemination.
  • Appendix 4 provides a summary of the types of grants available, ranging from small-scale travel grants to large-scale PhD grants.
  • Any time sensitive funding proposals can still be fast tracked using an offline procedure. If you plan to submit a time sensitive proposal, please contact Laura Pickering, Grants Manager or Elly Stolk, Scientific Director.

Submissions beyond the listed themes are also welcome, however for the best chance to have a funding proposal accepted applicants are encouraged to primarily focus on the priority research areas identified by the Working Groups, as funding in this area will be prioritised. If you have an excellent idea for a research project, we invite you to seek funding for it is through the current call. If you are interested to undertake other activities that have merit to the EuroQol Group, but you are uncertain whether this is in scope, you are invited to contact Laura Pickering, Grants Manager or Elly Stolk, Scientific Director for advice and guidance.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 22 October 2023 at 23:59 CEST. Good luck with your applications!

closed calls:

The 15th Joint Call for Proposals by the EuroQol Working Groups. The Call for Proposals document could be downloaded here.

The deadline for submissions was Sunday 23 April 2023 at 23:59 CEST.

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