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Snapshot of EuroQol research and interests published in Value in Health

A series of papers on the EQ-5D has been published in the latest issue of Value in Health (ViH). Curated by guest editor and EuroQol Member, Andrew Lloyd, the themed section includes an overview of some current research initiatives on the EQ-5D, as well as articles providing an update on EQ-5D-5L valuation methodology, and a discussion of future directions for valuing benefits for estimating QALYs.

The EuroQol Group, which has funded or co-funded 60 scientific studies in the past financial year, is pleased that ViH has chosen to shine a light on some current research in this area. In the past financial year, As highlighted by Andrew Lloyd, on the ISPOR website, this research space is dynamic; constantly evolving in response to public policy changes and advances in the field of health measurement and valuation. The EuroQol Group is committed to meeting this challenge through a continuing programme of research and development into instruments that describe and value health.

For more information on the EuroQol Group and the EQ-5D please visit the EuroQol website.

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