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The Van Hout et al. cross-walk paper is available here. The Van Hout cross-walk allows to obtain a values for the EQ-5D-5L by means of a mapping to the available EQ-5D-3L value sets. Whilst EQ-5D-5L value sets are developed or under development in multiple countries, the generic cross-walk can be used for countries where an EQ-5D-3L value set was produced and no EQ-5D-5L value set is available. In case you intend to use the cross-walk, please scroll down the table and select the country you are interested in and your preferred analysis software. You may also use the search button on the right side of the screen. For example, for the US cross-walk syntax in STATA, type “United States cross STATA” and select the tool.


ToolFormatCountryInstrumentURLDate Modified
cross-walkSTATANetherlandsEQ-5D-5LSTATA_cross-walk - Netherlands - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
cross-walkSTATAUnited StatesEQ-5D-5LSTATA_cross-walk - United States - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
cross-walkSASNetherlandsEQ-5D-5LSAS_cross-walk - Netherlands - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
cross-walkSPSSNetherlandsEQ-5D-5LSPSS_cross-walk - Netherlands - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
cross-walkSASUnited StatesEQ-5D-5LSAS_cross-walk - United States - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
cross-walkSPSSUnited StatesEQ-5D-5LSPSS_cross-walk - United States - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
cross-walkSPSSUnited KingdomEQ-5D-5LSPSS_cross-walk - United Kingdom - EQ-5D-5L 07/12/2020
cross-walkSTATAUnited KingdomEQ-5D-5LSTATA_cross-walk - United Kingdom - EQ-5D-5L 07/12/2020
cross-walkSASUnited KingdomEQ-5D-5LSAS_cross-walk - United Kingdom - EQ-5D-5L 07/12/2020
cross-walkSPSSGermanyEQ-5D-5LSPSS_cross-walk - Germany - EQ-5D-5L 17/11/2020
cross-walkSTATAGermanyEQ-5D-5LSTATA_cross-walk - Germany - EQ-5D-5L 17/11/2020
cross-walkSASGermanyEQ-5D-5LSAS_cross-walk - Germany - EQ-5D-5L 17/11/2020
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