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Index value set calculators

Since the first introduction of the EQ-5D-3L in 1990, numerous country-specific value sets were produced eliciting preferences from members of the general public. These value sets typically used Time Trade-Off, although more rarely the Visual Analogue Scale was employed. More recently, the EuroQol Group has developed a new version of the EQ-5D, the EQ-5D-5L. Value sets for this measure are produced using the EQ-Valuation Technology, a standardized protocol for the collection of composite Time Trade-Off and Discrete Choice Experiments data. Since 2009, a child and adolescent friendly version, named EQ-5D-Y is also available. Value sets are produced using a standardized protocol where DCE data are anchored to the QALY scale using cTTO data.

Papers describing the data collection and analysis for the EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L and EQ-5D-Y are available in the valuation section.

In case you need to obtain the EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L and EQ-5D-Y full set of health state utility values using one of the tariffs presented in the valuation section, please scroll down the table and select the EQ measure and country you are interested in as well as your preferred analysis software. You may also use the search button on the right side of the screen. For example, for the US EQ-5D-5L syntax for STATA, type “United States 5L STATA” and select the tool. If the tool you are interested in is not available, you may want to use one of the cross-walk or reverse cross-walk tools  For eight countries, GB, US, ES, DE, NL, DK, JP and ZW a STATA command is available for the calculation of EQ-5D-3L index values. If you are interested in using this command, information can be obtained by typing in the search button command “3L STATA”.


ToolFormatCountryInstrumentURLDate Modified
value setSASGermanyEQ-5D-5LSAS_value set - Germany - EQ-5D-5L 31/01/2022
value setSTATAGermanyEQ-5D-5LSTATA_value set - Germany - EQ-5D-5L 17/11/2020
value setSPSSGermanyEQ-5D-5LSPSS_value set - Germany - EQ-5D-5L 08/04/2021
value setSTATANetherlandsEQ-5D-5LSTATA_value set - Netherlands - EQ-5D-5L 17/11/2020
value setSASNetherlandsEQ-5D-5LSAS_value set - Netherlands - EQ-5D-5L 31/01/2022
value setSPSSNetherlandsEQ-5D-5LSPSS_value set - Netherlands - EQ-5D-5L 17/11/2020
value setSASUnited KingdomEQ-5D-5LUnder review
value setSTATAUnited KingdomEQ-5D-5LSTATA_value set - United Kingdom - EQ-5D-5L 01/12/2020
value setSPSSUnited KingdomEQ-5D-5LSPSS_value set - United Kingdom - EQ-5D-5L 31/08/2022
value setSTATAUnited StatesEQ-5D-5LSTATA_value set - United States - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
value setSASUnited StatesEQ-5D-5LSAS_value set - United States - EQ-5D-5L 31/01/2022
value setSPSSUnited StatesEQ-5D-5LSPSS_value set - United States - EQ-5D-5L 16/11/2020
value setSASIndiaEQ-5D-5LSAS_value set - India - EQ-5D-5L 05/01/2022
value setSPSSIndiaEQ-5D-5LSPSS_value set - India - EQ-5D-5L 05/01/2022
value setSTATAIndiaEQ-5D-5LSTATA_value set - India - EQ-5D-5L 05/01/2022
value setSASItalyEQ-5D-5LSAS_value set - Italy - EQ-5D-5L 26/01/2022
value setSPSSItalyEQ-5D-5LSPSS_value set - Italy - EQ-5D-5L 26/01/2022
value setSTATAItalyEQ-5D-5LSTATA_value set - Italy - EQ-5D-5L 26/01/2022
value setSPSSRomaniaEQ-5D-5LSPSS_value set - Romania - EQ-5D-5L05/04/2023
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