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FAQ | Quality control

Do these changes affect my current study?

No, your current study is not affected. The content of our products has not changed. You can use the existing EQ-5D products with confidence.

How often does the EuroQol Research Foundation publish updates to existing products?

Minor and major changes, when they occur, will be published immediately.

How can I check if I have the latest version?

A list of all products and their version number is available on our website.

Where can I see what changes have been made in the latest update?

Please contact the EuroQol Office for the release notes from the update. These describe the changes and the reasons for them.

What is a minor change?

Minor changes to a product (e.g. a language version) are changes that are not expected to affect an individual’s response to the questionnaire. They include layout changes or corrections in grammar or punctuation.

What is a major change?

Major changes to a product, such as a language version, are those that potentially affect subject responses on the instrument, for instance a change to wording within a dimension or to the VAS labels or instructions. Experience has shown these to be very infrequent, but they are occasionally needed.

How often are new products released, such as a new language version?

New products are released as soon as they are available for use.

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