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Switch to a universal digital format; screenshot review no longer required

In response to customer demand, the Board of the EuroQol Research Foundation has decided to switch from the current offering of three digital formats of EQ-5D (Smartphone/PDA, Tablet, and Laptop/Desktop) to one new digital format that can be used on any digital device. Starting early April 2022, the new digital format will be made available for all EQ-5D versions (EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L, and EQ-5D-Y) in all languages that are currently available digitally.

In parallel, we are rolling out an EQ-5D Representation Library, which consists of EuroQol Office–approved EQ-5D screenshots of the new digital format in all available EQ-5D versions and languages. Starting early April 2022, the EuroQol Office library of screenshot Representations will be made available to registered customers for all requested EQ-5D versions and languages via our EQ-5D Client Portal, together with the requested EQ-5D labels and EuroQol’s Digital Representation Design Guidelines.

The EuroQol Office Representations will allow customers and vendors to check their digital EQ-5D implementation themselves for adherence to EuroQol’s Digital Representation Design Guidelines. Moreover, as we are providing Representations of all requested languages, customers can also verify the correct placement of all EQ-5D labels. This means that from early April 2022, the customer will be solely responsible for checking the correctness of all digital EQ-5D implementations and screenshot review by the EuroQol Office team will no longer be mandatory. However, as a service, the Office team will continue to do screenshot reviews on request.

For commercial customers, a new licence fee structure will be introduced. The new digital format, which allows data collection on any digital device, will be 50% more expensive than the paper version. As a result, digital EQ-5D data collection will become more expensive for some users, and cheaper for others.

Lastly, for non-commercial use the EuroQol Research Foundation will continue with making EQ-5D available for free, after registration. As screenshot review is no longer required, a screenshot review fee will no longer be charged to non-commercial customers who collect data on other digital platforms than REDCap, LimeSurvey, Qualtrics, or Castor EDC.

For more information and FAQs, please see here. This webpage will be updated with more information as we approach the launch date.

If you have any questions, please contact the EuroQol Office at

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