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EuroQol introduces the Interviewer Administered versions

The 3L and 5L Interviewer Administered versions (IA) were developed as amalgamated single versions to replace the Face-to-face and Telephone administered versions. This was done to facilitate the translation process, reduce costs to the users and reduce interviewer burden. A study was undertaken in 2018 to establish the equivalence of the results obtained using the IA version. The IA version proved to yield results that were comparable to the two existing Face-to-face and Telephone versions. However, the random error in individual responses suggested that two versions (of IA, FF or T) should not be compared within a single respondent as this could yield unreliable results.

As the IA was the preferred instrument, requiring less paper copies, having a lower interviewer burden, and reduced costs to the EuroQol Group, the IA now supersedes the current Face-to-face and Telephone interview versions.

It is not necessary to withdraw the existing Face-to-face and Telephone versions and replace them with the IA, as the difference between versions is non-significant. If there is a Face-to-face or Telephone administered version already available in your language of choice, and the other version is required, the IA version will be developed. It is then recommended that the IA be used to replace the existing version in future studies.


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