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Country / RegionValuation techniqueYear of data collectionPublication
SloveniaTTO + DCE2019-2020Prevolnik Rupel V, Ogorevc, M, IMPACT HTA HRQoL Group. et al.; EQ-5D-Y Value Set for Slovenia; PharmacoEconomics 39, 463–471 (2021)
JapanTTO + DCE2020Shiroiwa T, Ikeda S, Noto S, Fukuda T, Stolk E; Valuation Survey of EQ-5D-Y Based on the International Common Protocol: Development of a Value Set in Japan; Medical Decision Making 1–10
SpainTTO + DCE2020Ramos-Goni J, Oppe M, Estevez-Carillo A, Rivero-Arias O; Accounting for Unobservable Preference Heterogeneity and Evaluating Alternative Anchoring Approaches to Estimate Country-Specific EQ-5D-Y Value Sets: A Case Study Using Spanish Preference Data; Value in Health, 2021
BelgiumTTO + DCE2020Dewilde S, Roudijk B Tollenaar N, Ramos-Goñi J; An EQ-5D-Y-3L value set for Belgium; Pharmacoeconomics, 1-12
ChinaTTO + DCE2020-2021Yang Z, Jiang J, Wang P, Jin X, Wu J, Fang Y, Luo N; Estimating an EQ-5D-Y-3L value set for China; Pharmacoeconomics, 1-9
GermanyTTO + DCE2019-2020Kreimeier S, Mott D, Ludwig K, Greiner W, IMPACT HTA HRQoL Group, Rupel V, Ramos-Goñi J; EQ-5D-Y value set for Germany; Pharmacoeconomics, 40(Suppl 2), 217-229
HungaryTTO + DCE2021Rencz F, Ruzsa G, Bató A, Yang Z, Finch A, Brodszky V; Value set for the EQ-5D-Y-3L in Hungary; Pharmacoeconomics, 1-11
IndonesiaTTO + DCE2019Fitriana T, Roudijk B, Purba F, Busschbach J, Stolk E; Estimating an EQ-5D-Y-3L value set for indonesia by mapping the DCE onto TTO values; Pharmacoeconomics, 40(2), 157-167
NetherlandsTTO + DCE2020-2021Roudijk B, Sajjad A, Essers B, Lipman S, Stalmeier P, Finch A; A value set for the EQ-5D-Y-3L in the Netherlands; Pharmacoeconomics, 40(Suppl 2), 193-203
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