Vision and mission


The EuroQol Group Association and EuroQol Research Foundation aim to improve decisions about health and health care throughout the world by developing, promoting and supporting the use of instruments with the widest possible applicability for the measurement and valuation of health.


  • To provide leadership in the research and development of instruments that describe and value health;
  • To promote the use of instruments developed by the EuroQol Group and to support individuals and organizations across the world seeking to use those instruments;
  • To foster and support an international community of researchers whose activity informs the development and application of EuroQol Group instruments;
  • To ensure access to the accumulated research expertise of the EuroQol Group and to actively promote the transfer of knowledge and evidence regarding the use, analysis, and interpretation of measures developed by the EuroQol Group;
  • To support promising early career researchers in the field of health and quality of life research through involvement in EuroQol Group activities.

Last update: Dec 15, 2023