Digital data collection requirements

Universal Digital EQ-5D

Based on user feedback and advancements in digital data collection technology, the EuroQol Research Foundation rolled out universal digital EQ-5D versions in April 2022. These universal digital versions replaced the device-specific versions (PDA/Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop) of EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L and EQ-5D-Y-3L. Universal digital versions can be used on any digital device.

Note: to ease with the transition, customers with an open license to use the superseded device-specific digital versions are entitled to use the universal digital versions as well.

Related resources

The universal digital EQ-5D versions were introduced alongside the EQ-5D Representation Library. This Library consists of EuroQol Office–approved EQ-5D screenshots of all available EQ-5D versions and languages in the universal digital format.

To support customers with the correct digital representation of their universal digital EQ-5D version(s) on their data collection platform, we will supply:

  • An Excel sheet with EQ-5D labels.
  • Digital Representation Design Guidelines, offering detailed instructions for EQ-5D representation on digital platforms.
  • EuroQol Office-approved EQ-5D Representations (screenshots), in the requested language(s).

For specific languages, additional instructions might be available, which are based on user feedback and requirements.

Advisory for digital data collection

  • Customers are responsible for the correct representation of digital EQ-5D versions.
  • The EuroQol Office team is available for support on issues with digital EQ-5D representation.
  • Customers planning to collect EQ-5D data digitally are urged to establish a quality process for verifying the correctness of all EQ-5D representations before commencing data collection.
  • In case of non-commercial use, please consider collecting data on platforms such as REDCap, LimeSurvey, or Qualtrics, for which modular versions of the EQ-5D are available, or can be developed on demand.


Last update: Apr 11, 2024