How to obtain EQ-5D

In short, you are requested to register your study/trial/project by completing the EQ-5D registration form. Thereafter, the EuroQol Office will contact you by e-mail and inform you about the terms and conditions which apply to your use of the EQ-5D, including licensing fees (if applicable). Please allow 2 business days to receive this reply.

1. Registration Process:

  • Complete the EQ-5D registration form.
  • After successful registration you will receive a confirmation by email, listing all the information you entered.

2. Communication from EuroQol Office:

  • Expect an email with information on terms, conditions, and possible licensing fees.
  • Allow 2 business days for their response.

3. General Conditions:

4. Licensing Fees:

  • Fees are determined based on the information provided in the registration form. The EuroQol user license policy describes when a license fee will be charged.
  • Registering does not commit you to purchasing a license.
  • After your registration has been approved, EQ-5D is free for non-commercial use for academic, educational, public health, and similar purposes.

5. Copyright:

  • Prior written consent from the EuroQol Office is necessary for using, reproducing, altering, translating, distributing, etc., the EQ-5D.
  • Copyright for EQ-5D, its representations, and translations are managed by the EuroQol Research Foundation on behalf of the EuroQol Group Association.
  • EQ-5D™ is a trademark of the EuroQol Research Foundation.

6. Access to your registered versions:

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How to obtain EQ-5D?

Last update: Feb 8, 2024