FAIR principles

Open Science and F.A.I.R. Data

Open Science is well on its way to becoming the new standard of research practice. Open Science encourages transparency, inclusivity, and sharing of research outputs, methodologies, and data. By embracing Open Science practices, researchers can amplify the impact of their work, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and accelerate the pace of discovery.

Central to the ethos of Open Science is the concept of F.A.I.R. Data – data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. F.A.I.R. Data principles ensure that research data is not only discoverable but also readily accessible and ready for use. Interoperability enables integration and analysis of data from diverse sources, while reusability promotes the ethical and sustainable use of data over time.

The EuroQol Research Foundation is committed to advancing Open Science and F.A.I.R. Data principles across all our research funding initiatives. We encourage researchers to adopt open research practices and sharing their data to enable secondary data analysis. Our efforts to keep facilitating and supporting our researchers and opening new avenues of research through secondary data analysis have resulted in the SAVED initiative: Storage and Access for Valuable EuroQol Datasets.

Last update: Apr 3, 2024