Value sets

The EuroQol Office supports users in their research efforts. This page contains a set of tools that may be used for analysing EQ-5D data. These tools are sometimes the result of work conducted at the EuroQol Office, and other times the result of work conducted by research teams across the globe*.

Tools are available for the EQ-5D-5L, the EQ-5D-3L and the EQ-5D-Y-3L. Examples of tools are value set calculators and cross–walk mappings to obtain EQ-5D-5L health state utility values when only the EQ-5D-3L tariffs exists.

If you wish to select the most appropriate tool for obtaining index values, please check our frequently asked questions. Please use one of the generic tools if the tool for the analysis of EQ-5D instruments you are interested in is not available. If you still need support, please use the Support form.

* Disclaimer: Whilst the EQ Foundation and EQ Office make its outmost effort in presenting accurate and up-to-date tools, the EQ Foundation and EQ Office make no representation or warranty on the correctness, adequacy, accuracy and completeness of the tools presented here, nor do warrant that the tools shall be complete in every respect. The EQ Foundation and EQ Office shall have no responsibility nor liability resulting from the use of these tools, nor for the absence of information on the site, which results in misuse thereof.

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Country / RegionInstrumentPublicationProtocolValue SetCross-walk
ArgentinaEQ-5D-3LAugustovski FA, Irazola VE, Velazquez AP, Gibbons L, Craig BM. Argentine valuation of the EQ-5D health states. Value Health. 2009;12(4):587-96.pre-EQ-VT TTO + VAS
AustraliaEQ-5D-3LViney R, Norman R, King MT, Cronin P, Street DJ, Knox S, Ratcliffe J. Time trade-off derived EQ-5D weights for Australia. Value Health. 2011;14(6):928-36.pre-EQ-VT TTO
AustraliaEQ-5D-5LNorman R, Mulhern B, Lancsar E, Lorgelly P, Ratcliffe J, Street D, Viney R. The Use of a Discrete Choice Experiment Including Both Duration and Dead for the Development of an EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Australia.. PharmacoEconomics, 1-12.TTO, DCE duration
BelgiumEQ-5D-3LCleemput I. A social preference valuations set for EQ-5D health states in Flanders, Belgium. Eur J Health Econ. 2010;11(2):205-13.pre-EQ-VT VAS
BelgiumEQ-5D-5LBouckaert N, Cleemput I, Devriese S, Gerkens S . An EQ-5D-5L value set for Belgium. PharmacoEconomics-Open, 6(6), 823-836EQ-VT v2.1
BelgiumEQ-5D-Y-3LDewilde S, Roudijk B Tollenaar N, Ramos-Goñi J; An EQ-5D-Y-3L value set for Belgium; Pharmacoeconomics, 1-12Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
BrazilEQ-5D-3LViegas Andrade M, Noronha K, Kind P, Maia AC, de Menezes RM, de Barros Reis C, Nepomuceno Souza M, Martins D, Gomes L, Nichele D, Calazans J, Mascarenhas T, Carvalho L, Lins C. Societal Preferences for EQ-5D Health States from a Brazilian Population Survey. Value in Health Regional Issues 2013;2(3):405Ð412.pre-EQ-VT TTO
BrazilEQ-5D-3LSantos M, Cintra MA, Monteiro AL, Santos B, Gusmão-Filho F, Andrade MV, Noronha K, Cruz LN, Camey S, Tura B, Kind P Brazilian Valuation of EQ-5D-3L Health States: Results from a Saturation Study. Med Decis Making. 2016 Feb;36(2):253-63pre-EQ-VT TTO
CanadaEQ-5D-3LBansback, N., Tsuchiya A, Brazier J, et al. Canadian Valuation of EQ-5D Health States: Preliminary Value Set and Considerations for Future Valuation Studies. PLoS ONE. 2012; 7(2), e31115.pre-EQ-VT TTO
CanadaEQ-5D-5LXie F, Pullenayegum E, Gaebel K, Bansback N, Bryan S, Ohinmaa A, Poissant L, Johnson JA. A Time Trade-off-derived Value Set of the EQ-5D-5L for Canada. Med Care. 2016;54(1):98-105.EQ-VT v1.0
ChileEQ-5D-3LZarate V, Kind P, Valenzuela P, et al. Social valuation of EQ-5D health states: the Chilean case. Value Health, 14 (2011), pp. 1135-1141.pre-EQ-VT TTO
ChinaEQ-5D-3LLiu GG, Wu H, Li M, Gao C, Luo N. Chinese time trade-off values for EQ-5D health states. Value Health. 2014;17(5):597-604.pre-EQ-VT TTO
ChinaEQ-5D-3LZhuo L, Xu L, Ye J, et al. Time Trade-Off Value Set for EQ-5D-3L Based on a Nationally Representative Chinese Population Survey. Value in Health May 2018.pre-EQ-VT TTO
ChinaEQ-5D-5LLuo N, Liu G, Li M, Guan H, Jin X, Rand-Hendriksen K. Estimating an EQ-5D-5L Value Set for China. Value Health. 2017 Apr;20(4):662-669. doi: 10.1016/j.jval.2016.11.016. Epub 2017 Feb 9.EQ-VT v1.0
ChinaEQ-5D-Y-3LYang Z, Jiang J, Wang P, Jin X, Wu J, Fang Y, Luo N; Estimating an EQ-5D-Y-3L value set for China; Pharmacoeconomics, 1-9Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
DenmarkEQ-5D-3LWittrup-Jensen KU, Lauridsen J, Gudex C, Pedersen KM. Generation of a Danish TTO value set for EQ-5D health states. Scand J Public Health. 2009;37(5):459-66.pre-EQ-VT TTO + VAS
DenmarkEQ-5D-5LJensen C, Sørensen S, Gudex C, Jensen M, Pedersen K, Ehlers L. The Danish EQ-5D-5L Value Set: A Hybrid Model Using cTTO and DCE Data. Appl Health Econ Health Policy (2021)EQ-VT v2.1
EgyptEQ-5D-5LAl Shabasy S, Abbassi M, Finch A, Roudijk B, Baines D, Farid S. The EQ-5D-5L Valuation Study in Egypt. PharmacoEconomics (2021)EQ-VT v2.1
England (disclaimer)EQ-5D-5LDevlin N, Shah K, Feng Y, Mulhern B, van Hout B. Valuing health-related quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for England. Health Economics. 2017;1-16EQ-VT v1.0STATA SPSSSPSS STATA SAS
EthiopiaEQ-5D-5LWelie A, Gebretkle G, Stolk E, Mukuria C, Krahn M, Enquoselassi F, Fenta T. Valuing Health State: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Ethiopians. Value in Health (2020) 22:7-4EQ-PVT
EuropeEQ-5D-3LGreiner W, Weijnen T, Nieuwenhuizen M, et al. A single European currency for EQ-5D health states. Eur J Health Econ 2003; 4(3):222-231.pre-EQ-VT VAS
FinlandEQ-5D-3LOhinmaa A, Sintonen H. Inconsistencies and modelling of the Finnish EuroQol (EQ-5D) preference values. In: Greiner W, J-M. Graf v.d. Schulenburg, Piercy J, editors. EuroQol Plenary Meeting, 1-2 October 1998. Discussion papers. Centre for Health Economics and Health Systems Research, University of Hannover, Germany. Uni-Verlag Witte, 1999; 57-74.pre-EQ-VT VAS
FranceEQ-5D-3LChevalier J, de Pouvourville G. Valuing EQ-5D using time trade-off in France. Eur J Health Econ. 2013;14(1):57-66.pre-EQ-VT TTO
FranceEQ-5D-5LAndrade L, Ludwig K, Ramos Goni J, Oppe M, de Pouvourville G. A French Value Set for the EQ‑5D‑5L. PharmacoEconomics (2020)EQ-VT v2.0
GermanyEQ-5D-3LClaes C, Greiner W, Uber A, Graf von der Schulenburg JM. An interview-based comparison of the TTO and VAS values given to EuroQol states of health by the general German population. n: Greiner W, J-M. Graf v.d. Schulenburg, Piercy J, editors. EuroQol Plenary Meeting, 1-2 October 1998. Discussion papers. Centre for Health Economics and Health Systems Research, University of Hannover, Germany. Uni-Verlag Witte, 1999; 13-39.pre-EQ-VT TTO + VASSPSS STATA SAS
GermanyEQ-5D-5LLudwig K, Graf von der Schulenburg JM, Greiner W. German Value Set for the EQ-5D-5L.
Pharmacoeconomics. 2018 Feb 19. doi: 10.1007/s40273-018-0615-8. [Epub ahead of print]
GermanyEQ-5D-Y-3LKreimeier S, Mott D, Ludwig K, Greiner W, IMPACT HTA HRQoL Group, Rupel V, Ramos-Goñi J; EQ-5D-Y value set for Germany; Pharmacoeconomics, 40(Suppl 2), 217-229Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
Hong KongEQ-5D-5LWong ELY, Ramos-Goñi JM, Cheung AWL, Wong AYK, Rivero-Arias O. Assessing the Use of a Feedback Module to Model EQ-5D-5L Health States Values in Hong Kong. Patient. 2017 Oct 10. doi: 10.1007/s40271-017-0278-0. [Epub ahead of print]EQ-VT v1.1
HungaryEQ-5D-3LRencz F, Brodszky V, Gulacsi L, Golicki D, Ruzsa G, Pickard S, Law E, Pentek M. Parallel Valuation of the EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L by Time Trade-Off in Hungary. Value in Health. 2020; 23(9):1235–1245EQ-VT v2.1
HungaryEQ-5D-5LRencz F, Brodszky V, Gulacsi L, Golicki D, Ruzsa G, Pickard S, Law E, Pentek M. Parallel Valuation of the EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L by Time Trade-Off in Hungary. Value in Health. 2020; 23(9):1235–1245EQ-VT v2.1
HungaryEQ-5D-Y-3LRencz F, Ruzsa G, Bató A, Yang Z, Finch A, Brodszky V; Value set for the EQ-5D-Y-3L in Hungary; Pharmacoeconomics, 1-11Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
IndiaEQ-5D-5LJyani G, Prinja G, Kar S, Trivedi M, Patro B, Purba F, Pala S, Raman S, Sharma A, Jain S, Kaur M. Valuing health-related quality of life among the Indian population: a protocol for the Development of an EQ-5D Value set for India using an Extended design (DEVINE) Study. VALUE HEALTH. 2022; 25(7):1218–1226EQ-VT v2.1SAS SPSS STATA
IndonesiaEQ-5D-5LPurba FD, Hunfeld JAM, Iskandarsyah A, Fitriana TS, Sadarjoen SS, Ramos-Goñi JM, Passchier J, Busschbach JJ. The Indonesian EQ-5D-5L Value Set. PharmacoEconomics. 2017 July;
DOI 10.1007/s40273-017-0538-9. pp 1–13.
EQ-VT v2.0
IndonesiaEQ-5D-Y-3LFitriana T, Roudijk B, Purba F, Busschbach J, Stolk E; Estimating an EQ-5D-Y-3L value set for indonesia by mapping the DCE onto TTO values; Pharmacoeconomics, 40(2), 157-167Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
IranEQ-5D-3LGoudarzi R, Sari AA, Zeraati H, Rashidian A, Mohammad K, Amini S. Valuation of Quality Weights for EuroQol 5-Dimensional Health States With the Time Trade-Off Method in the Capital of Iran. Value Health Reg Issues. 2019 May 13;18:170-175pre-EQ-VT TTO
IrelandEQ-5D-5LHobbins A, Barry L, Kelleher D, Shah K, Devlin N, Ramos Goni JM, O’Neill C. Utility Values for Health States in Ireland: A Value Set for the EQ‑5D‑5L. PharmacoEconomics (2018)EQ-VT v2.0
ItalyEQ-5D-3LScalone L, Cortesi PA, Ciampichini R, Belisari A, D'Angiolella LS, Cesana G, Mantovani LG.Italian population-based values of EQ-5D health states. Value Health. 2013;16(5):814-22.pre-EQ-VT TTO
ItalyEQ-5D-5LFinch A, Meregaglia M, Ciani O, Roudijk B, Jommi C. An EQ-5D-5L value set for Italy using videoconferencing interviews and feasibility of a new mode of administration. Social Science & Medicine
Volume 292, January 2022
JapanEQ-5D-3LTsuchiya A, Ikeda S, Ikegami N, et al. Estimating an EQ-5D population value set: The case of Japan. Health Economics 2002; 11(4):341-353.pre-EQ-VT TTO
JapanEQ-5D-5LShiroiwa T, Ikeda S, Noto S, Igarashi A, Fukuda T, Saito S, Shimozuma K. Comparison of Value Set Based on DCE and/or TTO Data: Scoring for EQ-5D-5L Health States in Japan. Value Health. 2016 Jul-Aug;19(5):648-54.EQ-VT v1.1
JapanEQ-5D-Y-3LShiroiwa T, Ikeda S, Noto S, Fukuda T, Stolk E; Valuation Survey of EQ-5D-Y Based on the International Common Protocol: Development of a Value Set in Japan; Medical Decision Making 1–10Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
KoreaEQ-5D-3LLee YK, Nam HS, Chuang LH, Kim KY, Yang HK, Kwon IS, Kind P, Kweon SS, Kim YT.South Korean time trade-off values for EQ-5D health states: modeling with observed values for 101 health states. Value Health. 2009;12(8):1187-93.pre-EQ-VT TTO
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MalaysiaEQ-5D-3LYusof FA, Goh A, Azmi S. Estimating an EQ-5D value set for Malaysia using time trade-off and visual analogue scale methods. Value Health. 2012;15(1 Suppl):S85-90.pre-EQ-VT TTO + VAS
MalaysiaEQ-5D-5LShafie AA; Vasan Thakumar A; Lim CJ;Luo N; Rand-Hendriksen K; Yusof FA. EQ-5D-5L Valuation for the Malaysian Population. PharmacoEconomics (2018)EQ-VT v2.0
MexicoEQ-5D-5LGutierrez-D C, Galindo-S R, Cruz-S C, Shah L, Papadimitropoulos M, Feng Y, Zamora B, Devlin N. EQ-5D-5L Health-State Values for the Mexican Population. Appl Health Econ Health Policy. 2021 Jun 26EQ-VT v2.1
NetherlandsEQ-5D-3LLamers LM, McDonnell J, Stalmeier PF, Krabbe PF, Busschbach JJ. The Dutch tariff: results and arguments for an effective design for national EQ-5D valuation studies. Health Econ. 2006;15(10):1121-32.pre-EQ-VT TTOSTATA SAS SPSS
NetherlandsEQ-5D-5LVersteegh MM, Vermeulen KM, Evers SM, de Wit GA, Prenger R, Stolk EA. Dutch Tariff for the Five-Level Version of EQ-5D. Value Health. 2016;19(4):343-52.EQ-VT v1.0STATA SAS SPSSSTATA SAS SPSS
NetherlandsEQ-5D-Y-3LRoudijk B, Sajjad A, Essers B, Lipman S, Stalmeier P, Finch A; A value set for the EQ-5D-Y-3L in the Netherlands; Pharmacoeconomics, 40(Suppl 2), 193-203Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
New ZealandEQ-5D-3LDevlin NJ, Hansen P, Kind P, Williams, A.Logical inconsistencies in survey respondents' health state valuations - a methodological challenge for estimating social tariffs. Health Econ 2003; 12(7):529-544.pre-EQ-VT VAS
New ZealandEQ-5D-5LSullivan T, Hansen P, Ombler F, Derrett S, Devlin N. A new tool for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets, including valuing ‘dead’. Social Science & Medicine 246 (2020) 112707Other
PeruEQ-5D-5LAugustovski F, Belizán M, Gibbons L, Reyes N, Stolk E, Craig B, Tejada R
. Peruvian Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L: A Direct Comparison of Time Trade-Off and Discrete Choice Experiments. Value Health. 2020 Jul;23(7):880-888.
EQ-VT v2.1
PhilippinesEQ-5D-5LMiguel R, Rivera A, Cheng K, Rand K, Purba F, Luo N, Lam H. Estimating the EQ-5D-5L value set for the Philippines.. Quality of Life Research, 31(9), 2763-2774.EQ-VT v2.0
PolandEQ-5D-3LGolicki D, Jakubczyk M, Niewada M, Wrona W, Busschbach JJ.Valuation of EQ-5D health states in Poland: first TTO-based social value set in Central and Eastern Europe. Value Health. 2010;13(2):289-97.pre-EQ-VT TTO
PolandEQ-5D-5LGolicki D, Jakubczyk M, Graczyk K, Niewada M. Valuation of EQ‑5D‑5L Health States in Poland: the First EQ‑VT‑Based
Study in Central and Eastern Europe.
PharmacoEconomics (2019) 37:1165–1176
EQ-VT v2.0
PortugalEQ-5D-3LFerreira LN, Ferreira PL, Pereira LN, Oppe M. The valuation of the EQ-5D in Portugal. Qual Life Res. 2014;23(2):413-23pre-EQ-VT TTO
PortugalEQ-5D-5LFerreira P, Antunes P, Ferreira L, Pereira L, Ramos-Goñi JM. A hybrid modelling approach for eliciting health state preferences: the Portuguese EQ-5D-5L value set.. Qual Life Res (2019)EQ-VT v2.0
RomaniaEQ-5D-3LPaveliu M, Olariu E, Caplescu R, Oluboyede Y, Niculescu-Aron I, Ernu S, Vale L; Estimating an EQ-5D-3L value set for Romania using time trade-off. Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(14), 7415.EQ-VT v2.1
RomaniaEQ-5D-5LOlariu, E., Mohammed, W., Oluboyede, Y., Caplescu, R., Niculescu-Aron, I. G., Paveliu, M. S., & Vale, L.. EQ-5D-5L: a value set for Romania.. The European Journal of Health Economics, 1-14.EQ-VT v2.1SPSS
RussiaEQ-5D-3LOmelyanovskiy V, Musina N, Ratushnyak S, Bezdenezhnykh T, Fediaeva V, Roudijk B, Purba FD. Valuation of the EQ-5D-3L in Russia. Qual Life Res. 2021;30(7):1997-2007.EQ-VT v2.1
SingaporeEQ-5D-3LLuo N, Wang P, Thumboo J, Lim YW, Vrijhoef HJ. Valuation of EQ-5D-3L health states in Singapore: modeling of time trade-off values for 80 empirically observed health states. Pharmacoeconomics. 2014;32(5):495-507pre-EQ-VT TTO
SloveniaEQ-5D-3LPrevolnik Rupel V, Rebolj M. The Slovenian VAS Tariff based on valuations of EQ-5D health states from the general population. In: CabasŽs JM, Gaminde I, editors. Proceedings of the 17th Plenary Meeting of the EuroQol Group. Universidad Pœblica de Navarra 2001; 23-47.pre-EQ-VT VAS
SloveniaEQ-5D-3LPrevolnik Rupel V, Srakar A, Rand K. Valuation of EQ-5D-3l Health States in Slovenia: VAS Based and TTO Based Value Sets. Zdr Varst. 2019 Dec 13;59(1):8-17pre-EQ-VT TTO + VAS
SloveniaEQ-5D-Y-3LPrevolnik Rupel V, Ogorevc, M, IMPACT HTA HRQoL Group. et al.; EQ-5D-Y Value Set for Slovenia; PharmacoEconomics 39, 463–471 (2021)Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
SpainEQ-5D-3LBadia X, Roset R, Herdman, M, Kind P.A comparison of United Kingdom and Spanish general population time trade-off values for EQ-5D health states. Med Decis Making 2001; 21(1): 7-16.pre-EQ-VT TTO
SpainEQ-5D-5LRamos-Goñi JM, Craig B, Oppe M, Ramallo-Fariña Y, Pinto-Prades JL, Luo N, Rivero-Arias O. Handling data quality issues to estimate the Spanish EQ-5D-5L Value Set using a hybrid interval regression approach.  Value in Health 2017. In PressEQ-VT v1.0
SpainEQ-5D-Y-3LRamos-Goni J, Oppe M, Estevez-Carillo A, Rivero-Arias O; Accounting for Unobservable Preference Heterogeneity and Evaluating Alternative Anchoring Approaches to Estimate Country-Specific EQ-5D-Y Value Sets: A Case Study Using Spanish Preference Data; Value in Health, 2021Ramos-Goni et al (2020)
Sri LankaEQ-5D-3LKularatna S, Whitty JA, Johnson NW, et al. Valuing EQ-5D health states for Sri Lanka. Qual Life Res. 2015 Jul;24(7):1785-93.pre-EQ-VT TTO
SwedenEQ-5D-3LBurstršm K, Sun S, Gerdtham UG, Henriksson M, Johannesson M, Levin L, Zethraeus N.Swedish experience-based value sets for EQ-5D health states. Qual Life Res. 2014;23(2):431-42.pre-EQ-VT TTO + VAS
SwedenEQ-5D-5LSun S, Chuang L, Sahlén G, Lindholm L, Norström F. Estimating a social value set for EQ-5D-5L in Sweden.. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 20(1), 167.EQ-VT v2.1
SwedenEQ-5D-5LBurström K, Teni FS, Gerdtham U, Leidl R, Helgesson G, Rolfson O, Henriksson M . Experience-Based Swedish TTO and VAS Value Sets for EQ-5D-5L Health States
PharmacoEconomics volume 38, pages 839–856 (2020)
TaiwanEQ-5D-3LLee HY, Hung MC, Hu FC, Chang YY, Hsieh CL, Wang JD. Estimating quality weights for EQ-5D (EuroQol-5 dimensions) health states with the time trade-off method in Taiwan. J Formos Med Assoc. 2013;112(11):699-706.pre-EQ-VT TTO
TaiwanEQ-5D-5LLin HW, Li CI, Lin FJ, Chang JY, Gau CS, Luo N, Pickard AS, Ramos Goñi JM, Tang CH, Hsu CN . Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L in Taiwan
PLoS One. 2018; 13(12)
EQ-VT v2.0
ThailandEQ-5D-3LTongsiri S, Cairns J. Estimating population-based values for EQ-5D health states in Thailand. Value Health. 2011;14(8):1142-5.pre-EQ-VT TTO
ThailandEQ-5D-5LPattanaphesaj J, Thavorncharoensap M, Ramos-
Goñi JM, Tongsiri S, Ingsrisawang L, Teerawattananon Y. The EQ-5D-5L Valuation study in Thailand. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, DOI: 10.1080/14737167.2018.1494574
EQ-VT v1.1
Trinidad and TobagoEQ-5D-3LBailey H, Stolk E, Kind P Toward Explicit Prioritization for the Caribbean: An EQ-5D Value Set for Trinidad and Tobago Value in Health Regional Issues; Volume 11; December 2016: 60-67pre-EQ-VT TTO
TunisiaEQ-5D-3LChemli J, Drira C, Felfel H, Roudijk B, Al Sayah F, Kouki M, Kooli A, Razgallah Khrouf M. Valuing health-related quality of life using a hybrid approach: Tunisian value set for the EQ-5D-3L. Qual Life Res. 2021 May;30(5):1445-1455EQ-VT v2.1
UgandaEQ-5D-5LYang F,Katumba K,Roudijk B,Yang Z,Revill P,Grifn S,Ochanda P,Lamorde M,Greco G,Seeley J,Sculpher M. Developing the EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Uganda Using the ‘Lite’ Protocol. PharmacoEconomics, 2021EQ-VT Lite
United KingdomEQ-5D-3LDolan P. Modeling valuations for EuroQol health states. Med Care 1997; 35(11): 1095-108.pre-EQ-VT TTOSPSS STATA SAS
United StatesEQ-5D-3LShaw JW, Johnson JA, Coons SJ. US valuation of the EQ-5D health states: development and testing of the D1 valuation model. Med Care 2005; 43(3): 203-220.pre-EQ-VT TTOSTATA SAS SPSS
United StatesEQ-5D-5LCraig B, Rand K. Choice Defines QALYs. A US Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L Med Care 2018;00: 000–000OtherSTATA SAS SPSSSTATA SAS SPSS
UruguayEQ-5D-5LAugustovski F, Rey-Ares L, Irazola V, Garay OU, Gianneo O, Fern‡ndez G, Morales M, Gibbons L, Ramos-Go–i JM. An EQ-5D-5L value set based on Uruguayan population preferences. Qual Life Res. 2016;25(2):323-33. Erratum in: Qual Life Res. 2016 Feb;25(2):335.EQ-VT v1.1
USAEQ-5D-5LPickard S, Law E, Jiang R, Pullenayegum E, Shaw J, Xie F, Oppe F, Boye K, Chapman R, Gong C, Balch A, Busschbach J. United States Valuation of EQ-5D-5L Health States Using an International Protocol. VALUE HEALTH. 2019; 22(8):931–941EQ-VT v2.0
VietnamEQ-5D-5LMai V, Sun S, Van Minh H, Luo N, Kim Giang K, Lindholm L, Sahlen K. An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Vietnam. Qual Life Res (2019)EQ-VT v2.0
ZimbabweEQ-5D-3LJelsma J, Hansen K, De Weerdt W, De Cock P, Kind P How do Zimbabweans value health states? Popul Health Metr 2003; 1(1):11.pre-EQ-VT TTO
IranEQ-5D-5LAfshari, S., Daroudi, R., Goudarzi, R., Mahboub–Ahari, A., Yaseri, M., Sari, A. A., ... & Amiri, Z. A national survey of Iranian general population to estimate a value set for the EQ-5D-5L. Quality of Life Research 2023, 1-9EQ-PVT

(*) NICE does not recommend using this 5L value set for England for NICE technology appraisal submissions. EuroQol, in partnership with NICE, the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England is currently developing a new EQ-5D-5L value set for the UK.