How we do research

EuroQol Research Foundation funds a broad range of research activities, in at least 6 thematic areas. All funded research is presented online, and we provide different channels for dissemination of research output.

The primary channels for dissemination are EuroQol’s international meetings: the annual EuroQol Plenary and the EuroQol Academy Meetings, but we also have an online webinar series and an open access publication policy in place. In the appraisal research proposals, knowledge transfer and dissemination are also taken into account.

Many research projects are being conducted by EuroQol members, but there are also funding options in place for non-members. Members of the EuroQol Group share an interest in improving decisions about health and healthcare throughout the world by developing, promoting and supporting the use of instruments with the widest possible applicability for the measurement and valuation of health, and have a track record in the field.

The EuroQol Resarch Foundation however supports researchers at any stage in their career. We therefore have erected a PhD network and organise frequent early career researchers (ECR) meetings to support young and upcoming researchers in the field.

Last update: Apr 11, 2024