Project aims

To create research infrastructure for the EQ Group that would support future research projects which have specific research objectives/questions. The breadth of potential research topics would be characterized under two broad domains:

  1. Population Health Status (e.g., country-specific population norms, disease burden, population health inequities)
  2. Comparative Performance/Validation of Instruments (e.g., EQ-5D-5L, EQ-HWB, bolt-on dimensions)

Preliminary methodologic plan

Preliminary methodologic plan

Data charter

Data ownership will be with the EuroQol Group
Data will be available for EuroQol members to use
EQ-DAPHNIE data will be included in the Storage and Access for Valuable EuroQol Data (SAVED) project within the EQ Office (in line with Open Science/Fair data principles)

Project timeline

Daphnie timelline
Phase 2, Years 4-6 if approved, would be continued country-specific cross-sectional panel surveys, and required annual reporting.

Last update: Apr 3, 2024