Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the EuroQol Research Foundation has a responsibility for:

The EuroQol Group Association’s Executive Committee can be thought of as the principal ‘scientific committee’ of the EuroQol Group. The Executive Committee comprises nine members, who are elected by the members of the EuroQol Group. On a day-to-day basis, the Executive Committee:

  • Takes authority from the membership as the highest-level decision-making body within the EuroQol Group
  • Is responsible for leading the scientific direction of the EuroQol Group, and contributing to the overall strategic direction
  • Coordinates research, development, and outreach activities
  • Approves funding, monitors, manages and has general oversight of research commissioned by the EuroQol Group
  • Makes membership-related decisions
  • Establishes and monitors working groups
  • Is responsible for ensuring the quality of EuroQol Group products
  • Appoints scientific co-chairs, organises annual Scientific Plenary meeting
  • Sets out the educational programme for the annual Academy meeting
  • Appoints the Board
  • Develops and implements strategic plans in accordance with the Board

Last update: Jan 9, 2024