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Call For Abstracts: 2nd EuroQol Asia Academy Meeting

The use of EQ-5D questionnaires (i.e. EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L, and EQ-5D-Y) in Asian region is increasing. There are 40, 36, and 14 official language versions of the EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L, and EQ-5D-Y…

Happy Holidays EQ-5D
Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2020!

During the Christmas holiday period the EQ Office has limited capacity available. Your enquires will be processed as quickly as possible after the holiday period.

Explaining the EQ-5D in about two-and-a-half-minutes’ animation now also available in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish

EuroQol is pleased to launch the Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Spanish version of the whiteboard animation ‘Explaining the EQ-5D in about two-and-a-half-minutes’. The animation is intended for anyone interested in…

New EQ-5D-5L valuation study for England to be undertaken by EuroQol in collaboration with NICE and the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England

NICE has announced on their website today their decision to support the development of a new EQ-5D-5L valuation study for England. The new study will be funded and managed by…


Explaining the EQ-5D in about two-and-a-half-minutes

eq-5d registration proces

Registration Process

EQ-5D can be obtained by registering your study or initiative at our website. Sample EQ-5D versions can be downloaded. Read more…

eq-5d translation proces

Translation Process

All translation/adaptations of EQ-5D are produced using a standardized translation protocol that conforms to internationally recognized guidelines. Read more…

eq-5d research

Research Output

In the past financial year the EuroQol Research Foundation funded or co-funded 60 scientific research studies. Read more…

eq-5d members

EuroQol Organization

The EuroQol Group was established in 1987 to test the feasibility of jointly developing a standardized, generic instrument. Read more…

eq-5d publications


The EuroQol Research Foundation offers a search tool to find EQ-5D-related publications. The Foundation publishes books, Working Papers and User Guides that can be found on the following pages. Read more…

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