EuroQol Office

The EuroQol Office, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, serves as the central hub for EuroQol, boasting a team of over 25 professionals with diverse expertise. Tasked with day-to-day management, our team plays a vital role in handling requests for using EuroQol instruments, overseeing their maintenance, translations, and spearheading the research funding program. Working seamlessly within the EuroQol governance structures and its members, our team is committed to help the EuroQol Foundation achieve its vision and mission.

To provide clarity on our key functions, the main responsibilities of the Office team are outlined in the table below.

Office, Legal, IT activitiesScientists
Handle license requestsAssist working groups
User helpdeskAssist Executive Committee
Manage EuroQol Group membershipAssist EQ-VT studies, including compliance monitoring
Organize meetingsManage / assist in EuroQol research proposals
Manage the EuroQol websiteManage / assist / conduct EuroQol funded research
Business administration 
EQ-VT software development & deployment 
Manage VMC (Version Management Committee) projects 

Bernhard Slaap

Elly Stolk

Scientific Director

Gitta Varma

Director operations

Mandy Van Reenen

Dissemination Manager

Bianca Smit

Senior Project Manager

Bas Janssen

Senior Scientist

Gerben Bakker

User Support Officer

Nalinie Banarsi

Research & Development Manager

Tzaddy Osenga

Legal Counsel

Ahsan Zafar

Assistant Project manager

Aureliano Finch

Senior Scientist

Bram Roudijk

Senior Scientist

Kristina Ludwig

Senior Scientist

Anameli Varela

Legal Counsel

Fanni Rencz

Senior Scientist

Laura Pickering

Grants Manager

Erwin Birnie


Nynke de Groot

Data Manager

Kaylee Spivey

Finance Officer

Joelle Guerin

Project Manager

Michael Okpara

Legal Counsel

Sarah Kerkhoven

Finance Officer

Esther Daane

Administrative Assistant

Last update: Feb 13, 2024