Modified version

Category D: Modified version

(Note that in a previous version of the IP Protection policy an EQ-5D version or format that had been created for the purpose of a methodological research study and/or publication was designated as an Experimental Version. In this current version of the IP Protection Policy such an EQ-5D version falls under the category of Modified Version, see below. the Experimental Version category is now used exclusively to designate EuroQol instruments in early stages of development.)

A Modified Version is a category used to designate a modified version of an Approved Version or a Beta Version of a EuroQol instrument. Researchers interested in assessing the effect of adding or removing a dimension, changing the layout, or changing the wording of any part of a Beta or Approved Version of a EuroQol instrument should contact the EQ Office. In line with our Policy, as described in section 1.3, a request for permission to modify a EuroQol instrument should be submitted via the registration page on the EuroQol website. The Legal Team will set up a Permission to Modify agreement, in which the following points are described:

  • Explicit written permission to modify a EuroQol instrument can be given for use in a specified study only.
  • The user is not allowed to distribute a Modified Version beyond study sites participating in the study.
  • Separate written permission must be obtained if the user wants to display (parts of) a Modified Version in a publication.
  • As part of the permission to modify agreement, IP Rights on a Modified Version will be automatically transferred to the EuroQol Group.
  • The Foundation does not provide any support on the use of a Modified Version.
  • The Foundation cannot be held liable for errors in a Modified Version or any damages resulting from use of a Modified Version.

Once the Permission to Modify agreement has been signed, the requested Approved or Beta Version of the EuroQol instrument will be provided, which the user can then modify as described in the agreement.

Note that the Foundation will generally not make Modified Versions available. However, permission can be obtained from the Foundation to modify a EuroQol instrument as described in an existing scientific publication. The Legal Team will then determine if a transfer of IP rights is needed as well.

Last update: Nov 21, 2023