Beta version

Category B: Beta version

A Beta Version of a EuroQol instrument refers to a category given by the Exec to designate a EuroQol instrument that is under development. The Exec can decide that instrument development has sufficiently advanced to merit granting a EuroQol instrument the status of Beta Version. This status implies that the body of evidence on this EuroQol instrument has not yet reached the level where the Exec can decide to make the EuroQol instrument available as an Approved Version.

The Exec may decide to make Beta Versions available to users under the following conditions:

  • A Beta Version will be provided on an ‘as-is’ basis. As this is not a final product, updated versions may be released, which may differ substantially from the previous version. 
  • The Foundation will not support users of a Beta Version to the same levels as users of an Approved Version. For example, user guides will not be made available and the Version Management Committee may not provide support to the same level as for Approved versions.
  • The Foundation may charge a licensing fee for using a Beta Version. Alternatively, it may charge a fee for using the Approved Version on which the Beta Version is based. The applicable User Licence policy will determine if a fee is required.
  • The Foundation cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from use of a Beta Version.

Last update: Nov 21, 2023