Translation process

All translations/adaptations of EQ-5D are produced using a standardized translation protocol that conforms to internationally recognized guidelines. These guidelines aim to ensure equivalence to the English ‘source’ version and involve a forward/backward translation process and cognitive debriefing. No translation can receive official endorsement from the EuroQol Research Foundation, unless it has been performed in strict adherence according to the EuroQol Research Foundation’s translation guidelines. The agencies we work with are compliant with our requirements.

Please remember that copyright of all translations remains with the Foundation.

A new whiteboard animation ‘Translating patient reported outcome measures for use around the world: the example of EQ-5D’ , providing a step-by-step overview of how to translate a PROM by showing how EuroQol undertakes the process for EQ-5D is available on Vimeo and YouTube in the languages English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. The static ‘big picture’ of the animation can be viewed below.

Last update: Jan 11, 2024