Experimental version

Category C: Experimental version

(Note that in a previous version of the IP Protection Policy an Experimental Version was defined as “an EQ-5D version or format that has been created for the purpose of a methodological research study and/or publication”. In this current version of the IP Protection Policy such an EQ-5D version falls under the category of Modified Version, See Category D.)

An Experimental Version is a category used exclusively to designate EuroQol instruments in an early stage of development by the EuroQol Group that are not sufficiently advanced to be classified as a Beta Version. Experimental Versions are not made available to users. However, the EQ Office can share Experimental Versions with researchers who are conducting Exec-approved research or with other collaborators. The following conditions apply:

  • Researchers are not allowed to distribute Experimental Versions beyond study sites participating in the study.
  • Separate written permission must be obtained if the researcher wants to display (parts of) an Experimental Version in a publication.
  • The Foundation cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from use of an Experimental Version.

Last update: Nov 21, 2023