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Valentina Prevolnik Rupel works as senior researcher at Institute for Economic Research in Ljubljana. She studied at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana where she also finished her PhD in 2007 titled Setting priorities in Health Care. She is fluent in English as well as Serbian and has a very good knowledge of German, can converse in Spanish. In her career in health care she has worked with all stakeholders in healthcare: providers, payer and policy maker and through this she has gained a broad overview of health care system from every perspective. She has extensive knowledge in health technology assessment, health care insurance and long consultancy experience, having worked in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia and Tajikistan. She teaches Economics of Public Sector and Methodological research at private university Doba in Slovenia.Previous relevant employments relate to her work as an advisor for Minister of Health in Minister’s Cabinet where she led working group for the preparation of new health care insurance system. She also started with the establishment of health technology assessment network in Slovenia and was a member of HTAi, ISPOR, EuroQol organization and EUnetHTA international networks and organizations. While working at the Ministry of Health, she also acted as a president of Advisory Board for regional hospital Slovenj Gradec and as a member of Advisory Board of hospital Ormož.Previously she has worked as an advisor to the General Director of Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia in an area of compulsory health care insurance as well as health technology assessment.In 2012 she entered research field and started to work at the Institute for Economic research where she was involved in three European projects dealing with health technology assessment: ADVANCE_HTA, MedtecHTA and EUnetHTA JA2, currently working on European projects ESPN and INNOV-Care and other national or consultancy projects. She has published articles, university textbooks and chapters in monographies and is a member of editorial board of IF journal Zdravstveno varstvo. She acts as a referee for the journal Zdravstveno varstvo, Health Policy and Croatian Journal of Social Policy.

Last update: Feb 19, 2024