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Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Please note that without the prior written consent of the EuroQol Research Foundation, no entity (public or private) is permitted to use, reproduce, alter, amend, convert, translate, publish or make available (digital, hard-copy etc.) the EQ-5D or any EQ-5D related proprietary materials.

The EuroQol Research Foundation stresses that any and all copyrights of the EQ-5D, and any of the EQ-5D representations, including translations, are exclusively vested in the EuroQol Research Foundation. EQ-5D™ is a trade mark of the EuroQol Research Foundation.

Please see here how the EQ-5D can be obtained.

The EuroQol Research Foundation uses four categories of EQ-5D versions:
A)  Approved versions
B)  Beta versions 
C)  Experimental versions
D)  Disapproved versions

Upon notification of potential misuse of the EQ-5D or use without written consent, the EuroQol Office team will contact the user for additional information. Based on our findings, the EuroQol Office legal team will take appropriate action.

(Version 24APR2017)

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