EQ-5D-Y Implementation and AHP for Bolt-ons

Renee Jones (University of Melbourne) seeks to qualitatively understand clinician, parent and child perspectives on using the EQ-5D-Y in routine clinical care for children and to co-design how the EQ-5D-Y could be used and implemented in outpatient clinics. Cheuk Wai Ng (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) will present on his application of analytical hierarchy process in testing EQ-5D bolt-on dimensions. After their brief presentations, they will answer questions from Janine Verstraete (Univeristy of Cape Town) and Fanni Rencz (Corvinus University of Budapest) as well as attendees.

Implementation and AHP for Bolt ons

Date: October 25, 2023

Time: 2:00 pm -

Type: Archive event, PhD Network Webinar