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How can a non-commercial customer obtain permission to use a Digital representation?

Non-commercial customers who want to collect data on an unsupported digital platform will be required to download, sign and upload a “Digital Use Letter” via the EuroQol Customer Portal, after registration. The Digital Use Letter provides customers with basic guidance on how to create a correct Representation of EQ-5D on their digital platform. This is…

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Is paid screenshot review by the EuroQol Office team possible?

EuroQol will not be able to offer paid screenshot review services for the new digital format. Please be advised that there are commercial parties offering review services, such as translation agencies and EPRO vendors with experience with the EQ-5D. Please contact these parties directly if you are interested in these services.

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How will the new screenshots review process work?

Licensee and Vendor will be responsible for creating correct digital Representations, based on the documents provided by EuroQol. The EuroQol Office team will no longer be involved in the screenshot review of all reproductions. However, the team is available if required to help with screenshot review or digital Representation issues. As a service to commercial…

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I own a device dependent License Agreement and would like to use additional languages.

Please be advised that after 6 April 2022, we will only provide new license agreements for using the new digital format, with the new license fee structure. Amendments to add languages to device-dependent license agreements will no longer be possible, because the use of device-dependent versions will be phased out.

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Can I use the (new) digital format with my active license agreement for device-dependent versions?

Yes, active device-dependent license agreements will include the right to use the new digital format. However, license agreement amendments to add languages to device-dependent license agreements will not be possible, as the device-dependent license agreements will be phased out. To add languages, a new license agreement will be drawn up.

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Can I still use the already received device-dependent EQ-5D versions in ongoing studies?

Yes, in ongoing studies the device-dependent versions can continue to be used. These will become “legacy” versions, which will not be updated in the future and will gradually be phased out.If new languages are added to an ongoing study, these will be provided in the new digital format, as these are the most up-to-date versions.…

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