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In the past financial year, the EuroQol Research Foundation has funded or co-funded 60 scientific research studies, for a total value of more than 2,2 million euro. For more information on the EuroQol organization, click here.
The EuroQol Executive Committee is the principal scientific committee of the EuroQol organization. The Executive Committee is responsible for the scientific direction and for approving funding of research commissioned by the EuroQol Group. The table below shows research projects that were approved for funding from mid-2012 onwards.

The research efforts of the EuroQol Group are channelled through five Working Groups, each with their own objectives. In the table below, the research can be sorted by Working Group.

Study TitlePI NameWorking GroupProposal approval dateProject statusAbstract study propopsalAbstract Final report
The EQ-5D-5L Valuation Study in ChinaLiu2012/06Completed
German tariff for EQ-5D-5LGreiner2012/09Completed
EQ-5D-5L valuation study in Hong KongWong2012/09Completed
Bolt-on proposalJanssen2012/10Completed
Extension EQ-5D-5L study England for other UK countriesNancy Devlin2012/12Completed
Valuation of EQ-5D-5L health states for healthcare decision making in SingaporeLuo2012/12Completed
States worse than Dead: Exposing the measurement properties of the Better than Dead preference methodPeep Stalmeier2013/01Completed
A Korean valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LMin-Joo Woo2013/01Completed
Development of Thai population-based preference scores for EQ-5D-5LJuntana Pattanaphesaj2013/02Completed
An investigation of EQ-5D-5L values in the United Arab Emirates: a feasibility studyNancy Devlin2013/06Completed
Assessing test-retest reliability of the EuroQol Group Valuation Technology in valuing the EQ-5D-5LFeng Xie2013/02Completed
Testing feasibility, reliability and validity of the health-related quality of life instrument EQ-5D-Y in children and adolescents with asthma- a cross-sectional pilot studyAnn-Charlotte Egmar2013/02Completed
Deriving social values using the EQ-5D-5L in the general population of Uruguay.Federico Augustovski2013/03Completed
An investigation into the meaning of, and the relationship between, Happiness, Health and Health status measurementFrank de Charro2013/03Completed
Course Title: Discrete choice for health state valuationElly Stolk2013/03Completed
Preference Inversion in the EQ-5D-5LBenjamin Craig2013/04Ongoing
The feasibility and usefulness of using the EQ-5D-Y as a routine measure of outcome in a facility for children with chronic illnessJennifer Jelsma2013/04Completed
Rescaling relative health-state values from discrete choice experiments unbiased onto the QALY metricAlexander Arons2013/05Completed
The Relationship between Time, Sequencing, and Precision: Considerations for Choice ExperimentsBenjamin Craig2013/05Completed
A Japanese valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LShunya Ikeda2013/04Completed
Non-additive impact of dimensions on the index values of health states: an analysis of interaction effects to avoid misspecification of the value function with unsaturated valuation datasetsGouke Bonsel2013/06Completed
Use of EQ-5D in elderly populations (Call for proposal 1)Valentina Prevolnik Rupel2013/06Completed
Further Exploration into using DCE for EQ5D-5L Valuations (FEDEV)Aki TsuchiyaValuation2013/07Completed
Transforming latent utilities to health utilities: Can one function fit other countries?Feng XieValuation2013/07Completed
Overview of psychometric properties of EQ-5D in a range of conditionsLouise LongworthValuation2013/07Completed
HTA and quality of life measurement in patientsValentina Prevolnik RupelBeyond Healthcare2013/09Ongoing
Feasibility of the use of EQ-5D in quantitative benefit-risk assessmentMark OppeInnovative Research2013/09Completed
Establishing a tool for endorsing EQ-5D valuation studiesFeng XieValuation2013/09Completed
Indonesian valuation and validation study of the EQ-5D-5L and its application in families living in unhealthy circumstances and in breast cancer patientsJan BusschbachValuation2013/09Completed
Examining interviewer performance in the Dutch EQVT studiesAlexander AronsValuation2013/10Completed
Project Save TTO valuationsAlexander AronsValuation2013/10Completed
Understanding participant's responses to the EQ-VT tasks; A qualitative studyFeng XieValuation2013/11Completed
An Irish valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LCiaran O'NeillValuation2013/12Completed
Investigating the validity of values worse than dead estimated using DCE with durationNick BansbackValuation2013/12Completed
The impact of framing effects on EQ-5D-5L valuationsElly StolkValuation2013/12Completed
Test of reference dependency in EQ-5D-5L health state valuationsMatthijs VersteeghValuation2013/12Completed
Reintroduction of the ranking task in EQ-5D valuation. Improved data quality and reduced level of inconsistencies?Juan Manuel Ramos-GoniValuation2013/12Completed
Valuing EQ-5D-5L health states using EQ-VT: Does the Life A health description and/or the ordering of dimensions matter?Brendan MulhernValuation2014/01Completed
Supplementary funding 5L value set study England: LSENancy DevlinValuation2014/01Completed
Supplementary funding 5L value set study England: ScheffieldBen van HoutValuation2014/01Completed
A German Tariff for the EQ-5D-5L - an explorative pre-studyWolfgang GreinerValuation2014/01Completed
Japanese participation in the MAT-endorsed ranking taskShunya IkedaValuation2014/02Completed
Hong Kong participation BTD-WTD split experimentWongValuation2014/02Completed
Separation of the BTD and WTD task in TTOElly StolkValuation2014/02Completed
EQVT iteration experimentKim Rand-HendriksenValuation2014/02Completed
Comparison of the EQ-5D-5L to measures of well-being and capability in an older populationJohn BrazierBeyond Healthcare2014/02Completed
Prevention of misspecification of the EuroQol tariff through optimal choices on design and analysis. An empirical and simulation based analysis using existing datasets.Gouke BonselValuation2014/02Completed
Two EQ workshops at ISPOR AsiaNan LuoEducation and Outreach2014/05Completed
Assessing the health of the general population in England: how do the EQ-5D 3L and 5L versions compare?Mike HerdmanValuation2014/05Completed
LSHA WorkshopPaul KindLarge Scale Applications2014/05Completed
Understanding the relationship between health behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of HRQL using the EQ-5DSimon PickardValuation2014/05Completed
Quantification of EQ-5D health-state values by scaling similarity data (studies 1 and 2)Alexander AronsValuation2014/06Completed
Discrete choice modeling from a different anglePaul KrabbeValuation2014/06Completed
Comparing valuation of the EQ-5D-Y and the EQ-5D-3L: The impact of wording and perspectiveWolfgang GreinerEQ-5D in Younger Populations2014/06Ongoing
Directly eliciting personal utility functions: a feasibility study of an innovative approach to valuing HRQoLNancy DevlinInnovative Research2014/07Completed
EQ-5D-5L Electronic Measurement Equivalence ProjectStephen CoonsEQ Office2014/07Completed
Understanding relationships between the EQ-5D and Personal Well-beingSarah DerrettBeyond Healthcare2014/09Completed
Development of a proxy English Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) instrument for children under six years of age, derived from the EQ-5D-Y: Part 1Jennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations2014/09Completed
Health-related quality of life and perceived burden of informal caregivers of patients with rare diseases in EuropeJuan Manuel Ramos-GoniValuation2014/11Completed
Temporal variation in population health in EnglandPaul KindLarge Scale Applications2014/12Ongoing
Revisiting TTOAnna LugnerValuation2015/01Completed
Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L+RMaureen Rutten-van MolkenValuation2015/01Ongoing
Order effects in the EQ-5D item responsesBenjamin CraigValuation2015/01Completed
Using routine collection of the EQ-5D to enhance shared decision making: a proof of concept studyNick BansbackLarge Scale Applications2015/01Completed
Important aspects of (full) health not captured by EQ-5DKoonal ShahValuation2015/02Ongoing
EuroQol past, present & future publicationNancy Devlin2015/02Completed
Comparing the predictive accuracy of different main-effects regression models on left-out EQ-5D-5L health states: 20-parameter additive model vs. 8, 9, and 11 parameter multiplicative models.Kim Rand-HendriksenValuation2015/04Completed
Valuing EQ-5D-3L health states in a representative sample of the Colombian population : a proposed retest extensionPaul KindValuation2015/04Ongoing
Revisiting the MVH study: new methods for modelling UK valuations for the EQ-5D-3LBen van Hout & Nancy DevlinValuation2015/07Completed
The distribution of the EQ-5D-5L Index in patient populationsNancy DevlinValuation2015/04Ongoing
Estimation of the EQ-5D-5L value set for PortugalPedro FerreiraValuation2015/05Completed
Making LIFE simple: Exploration of a hybrid of best-worst scaling and visual analogue scale in valuing EQ-5D-5LFeng XieValuation2015/05Ongoing
Evaluating consistency between DCE and TTO valuations using multivariate mixed models and multivariate latent class analysisEleanor Pullenayegum Valuation2015/05Completed
Valuation of the EQ-5D in countries with limited research resources: investigating the potential of shrinkage analysisEleanor Pullenayegum Valuation2015/05Completed
Values for severe states: a methodological and cultural viewPeep StalmeierValuation2015/06Ongoing
Relationship between behavioural risk factors for poor health and the EQ-5D: Prospective analyses in a New Zealand cohortHelen HarcombeLarge Scale Applications2015/06Ongoing
Monitoring neurotrauma patient outcomes in Bandung, Indonesia: A feasibility studySarah DerrettLarge Scale Applications2015/06Completed
Exploring non-iterative TTO (ENITTO)Aki TsuchiyaValuation2015/06Completed
No kidding: the validity of discrete choice experiments in children - a pilot studySimon PickardEQ-5D in Younger Populations2015/06Completed
Feasibility and application of the EQ-5D in elderlyGreinerLarge Scale Applications2015/06Ongoing
Reducing biases in adaptive Time Trade-Off using non-transparent methodsJose Luis Pinto-PradesValuation2015/06Ongoing
The effect of chronic conditions on valuation of EQ?5D?5L health statesNan LuoValuation2015/06Ongoing
Funding proposal for an scholarship for international travel and cooperationJan BusschbachEducation and Outreach2015/06Ongoing
EQ-5D-5L VALUATION IN POLANDDominik GolickiValuation2015/06Ongoing
Intercept investigation: Does the value drop from full health to any EQ-5D problems reflect preferences, or is it an artefact of the valuation method?Kim Rand-HendriksenValuation2015/06Ongoing
Hybrid model in RKim Rand-HendriksenValuation2015/06Ongoing
HRQoL among patients seeking treatment for abuse of illicit substancesKim Rand-Hendriksen2015/06Ongoing
EQ-5D-3L in Hematologic Malignant Neoplasms: a Systematic Review of Health State Utility ValuesDominik Golicki2015/06Ongoing
The Effect of Timing, Duration, and Lifespan on ChoiceBenjamin CraigValuation2015/06Completed
QALY-balanced DCE designs for health state evaluationsMark OppeValuation2015/06Ongoing
The impact of duration on EQ_5D_5L value sets derived from a Discrete Choice ExperimentRichard NormanValuation2015/06Completed
A fuzzy approach to time trade-off experiment in EQ-5D-3L valuationMichal JakubczykValuation2015/06Ongoing
Exploring the inconsistent ordering of levels of the EQ-5D-5L value setYan FengValuation2015/06Completed
EQ-5D for monitoring population health: a comparison of general population survey data in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and UruguayLucila Rey-AresLarge Scale Applications2015/06Completed
Demonstrating the feasibility and operational value of the routine measurement of health status in community mental health services: exploring the use of EQ-5D in an operational NHS settingPaul KindLarge Scale Applications2015/06Ongoing
Using DCE with duration to value EQ-5D-5L: Simplifying the task completion processRosalie VineyValuation2015/07Completed
EQ-5D: the ABC approach to measuring and valuing health in Latin America (W15 workshop: 5th ISPOR Latin America meeting/Chile 2015Victor ZarateEducation and Outreach2015/07Completed
Alberta EQ-5D end-user conference and APERSU Scientific Advisory Committee meeting fall 2015Arto OhimaaEducation and Outreach2015/07Completed
Can social care needs and well-being be explained by EQ-5D? Analysis of the Health Survey for England dataset.Jeshika SinghValuation2015/07Ongoing
Development of EQ-5D-Y-3L norms data based on a general population sample of children and adolescents in SwedenMimmi AstromEQ-5D in Younger Populations2015/06Ongoing
Writing a manuscript titled 'valuation of health outcomes using the time trade-off technique: the EuroQol protocols' for publication in the journal of PharmacoeconomicsNan LuoValuation2015/08Ongoing
A City-wide survey of HrQoL in children using EQ-5D-YPaul KindEQ-5D in Younger Populations2015/05Ongoing
The impact of overlap and color coding on response efficiency in discrete choice experimentsElly StolkValuation2015/10Ongoing
Valuing health states 'in context'Koonal ShahValuation2015/11Ongoing
A head-to-head comparison of nine country-specific EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L value sets in eight patient groups and a student cohortJanssenValuation2015/11Ongoing
The Relative Value of Social Outcomes in Health Technology AssessmentBrendan MulhernValuation2015/12Ongoing
International Analysis of Income-related Inequity in Self-assessed Health Using the EQ-5DAgota SzendeLarge Scale Applications2015/12Ongoing
Writing up a manuscript titled 'Estimating a time trade-off EQ-5D-5L value set for China' for publicationNan LuoValuation2016/01Ongoing
EQ DCE: Crowdsourcing innovation in valuation specificationBenjamin CraigValuation2016/01Ongoing
A PROMs based patient decision aid for patients considering total knee arthroplasty: development and a pilot randomized controlled trial.Nick BansbackLarge Scale Applications2016/01Ongoing
Assessing the validity of the 86 health state selection for EQ-5D-5L VT studies: are we using the most efficient and valid set of health states to predict health states that exist in practice?Jan BusschbachValuation2016/01Ongoing
2-day entry level course describing development and current status of EQ-5D "technologies" for RussiaPaul KindEducation and Outreach2016/02Ongoing
HTAi Workshop: Engaging patients and general public in health technology assessment: Measuring and valuing health preferencesFeng XieEducation and Outreach2016/02Completed
EuroQol workshops back-to-back with ISPOR 7th Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore on September 3, 2016Nan LuoEducation and Outreach2016/02Completed
Variation in health state preferences across local and international populations: East doesn't meet WestFeng XieEducation and Outreach2016/02Completed
Developments in preference-based measures of health: scoring approaches and guidanceSimon PickardEducation and Outreach2016/02Ongoing
Valuation of EQ-5D-5L for the Malaysian populationAsrul ShafieValuation2016/02Completed
EQ-5D-5L valuation in Poland: a methodological extensionDominik GolickiValuation2016/02Ongoing
A comparison of the validity of the two proxy versions of the EQ-5D-Y instrument in acutely ill and chronically ill children in South Africa. A cross sectional analytical descriptive studyJennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations2016/03Completed
Two small DCE projectsOppeValuation2016/03Ongoing
Two MSc student project placements on EuroQol-related topicsKoonal ShahValuation2016/03Ongoing
Conventional and perceived change in health-related quality of life of trauma patients: what role does recall bias play?Gouke BonselLarge Scale Applications2016/03Ongoing
A systematic review of the measurement properties of EQ-5D-5LBuchholz and FengDescriptive Systems2016/03Ongoing
Exploring the possibilities for developing a EuroQol instrument for use in very young children: a workshop on feasibility, relevant issues, and potential methodologyJennifer JelsmaEQ-5D in Younger Populations2016/04Completed
National EQ-5D Symposium and Valuation WorkshopAsrul ShafieValuation2016/04Completed
CLiK 2016Paul KindLarge Scale Applications2016/05Ongoing
Measuring concordance between patient and proxy raters of EQ-5D using fuzzy set theorySimon PickardValuation2016/05Ongoing
An individual-level comparison of EQ-5D-5L values derived from paired comparison and best-worst dataAlexander MM AronsValuation2016/05Ongoing
The use and research of EQ-5D instruments in East and South-East Asia: a systematic reviewLing-Hsiang Chuang, Nan LuoEducation and Outreach2016/05Ongoing
Assessment of the EQ-5D-5L compared to EQ-5D-3L and generation of population norms in EnglandClara MukuriaDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications2016/05Ongoing
The relationship between the EQ-5D and surgical outcomes in a large Australian registry of percutaneous intervention patientsRichard NormanLarge Scale Applications2016/05Ongoing
Comparing DCE designs that can be used to value EQ-5D-5LBrendan MulhernValuation2016/05Ongoing
The EQ-5D-Y in a clinical sample of children and adolescents with asthma, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis: convergent validity, agreement between self-and parent-reports as well as sensitivity to changeUlrike Ravens-SiebererEQ-5D in Younger Populations2016/05Ongoing
Valuing EQ-5D-5L in Australia: A comparison of the EQ-VT protocol and DCE with durationRosalie VineyValuation2016/05Ongoing
A qualitative study to explore the interpretation and relevance of the EQ_5D questionnaire in 4 Asian countriesNan Luo , Mike HerdmanDescriptive Systems2016/05Ongoing
Methods for development of a generic descriptive systemLouise LongworthDescriptive Systems2016/05Ongoing
A head_to_head comparison of EQ_5D_3L and EQ_5D_5L index scores: more levels is better responsiveness?Nan LuoDescriptive Systems / Valuation2016/05Ongoing
New methods for analysing the distribution of EQ-5D observations in data setsNancy Devlin / David ParkinDescriptive Systems / Large Scale Applications2016/05Ongoing
Understanding the relationship between clinical quality of primary care and patient self-reported health on the EQ-5D in EnglandYan FengLarge Scale Applications2016/05Ongoing
Uses and applications of EQ-5D in Latin America & the Caribbean - Systematic Review and bibliometric studyLucila Rey-AresEducation and Outreach2016/05Completed
Symposium Sponsorship & Panel Session: 38th Annual North American Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision MakingDavid WhitehurstLarge Scale Applications2016/05Completed
Health related quality of life measurement -uses in economic evaluation and population health.Federico Augustovski , Lucila Rey-AresEducation and Outreach2016/05Completed
A qualitative approach to understanding what aspects of health are important to peopleKoonal ShahDescriptive Systems2016/05Ongoing
Analyzing health inequities using the EQ-5D in the Chilean general populationVictor ZarateLarge Scale Applications2016/05Ongoing
Analyzing self-perceive health status using the EQ-5D in Latin America: 1st approach to the Gallup 2007 World Survey (19 countries)Victor ZarateLarge Scale Applications2016/05Ongoing
Investigating the descriptive basis of EQ-5D: a cold-case analysisPaul Kind , Nancy Devlin Descriptive Systems2016/05Ongoing
The impact of color coding and the optimal degree of overlap in discrete choice experimentsElly StolkValuation2016/05Ongoing
A Big Step Forwards for Health Policy in Indonesia: The Introduction
of The EuroQol EQ-5D-5L Value Set and Other Recent Developments in Quality of Life Research and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. (PI: Purba)
Frederik PurbaEducation and Outreach2016/05Ongoing
Issue panel and Workshop at ISPOR Singapore 2016Juan Manuel Ramos-GoniEducation and Outreach2016/05Completed
Taiwan valuation study for the EQ-5D-5LMargaret LinValuation2016/06Ongoing
The role of EQ-5D value sets based on patient preferences in the context of hospital choice in the national PROM programme in EnglandNils GutackerLarge Scale Applications2016/06Ongoing
TTO valuation sets for EQ-5D-3L Ր country comparisonKoonal ShahValuation2016/06Ongoing
US valuation study of the EQ-5D-5LSimon PickardValuation2016/06Ongoing
Analysis of EQ-5D profile data and EQ VAS scores across patient groups in the Swedish National Quality Registers and use in developing alternative ways of summarizing EQ-5D data.Kristina BurstromValuation2016/06Ongoing
Statistical analysis and preparation of a manuscript describing the responsiveness, and impact on outcomes of administering the EQ_5D_Y via internet to children/youths with Type I Diabetes Mellitus in clinical practice.Luis RajmilEQ-5D in Younger Populations2016/08Ongoing
Second Annual End-user and Scientific Advisory Committee MeetingJeff JohnsonLarge Scale Applications2016/08Ongoing
Measurement Properties of the EQ-5D-5L: Comparative Performance with other Measures and Determining Minimal Important Differences in Canadian PopulationsJeff JohnsonLarge Scale Applications2016/09Ongoing
Application study of the EQ-5D-5L in oncology: linking slef-reported quality of life of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer to clinical data of a German tumor registryWolfgang GreinerLarge Scale Applications2016/09Ongoing
Health utilities used in economic evaluations of cancer treatmentsFeng XieLarge Scale Applications2016/09Ongoing
Investigating the difference between hypothetical and experienced valuations: the case of mistaken expectationsMilad KarimiValuation2016/09Ongoing
Anchoring discrete choice experiment values at 0=death for the EQ-5D-YNancy DevlinValuation2016/09Ongoing
The feasibility of using the EQ-VT program to conduct the EQ-5D-5L valuation study in rural ChinaMinghui LiValuation2016/09Ongoing
Extension of Variability in DCE Results _ October 2016Mark OppeValuation2016/09Ongoing
Pre-conference EQ-5D Short Course for South China Pharm-economics Forum 2016Nan LuoEducation and Outreach2016/10Completed
A Randomised Controlled Trial of the effect of Short-Stretch Inelastic Compression bandages on Knee Function following total knee arthroplasty: Comparison of EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5LJuan Manuel Ramos-GoniDescriptive Systems2016/10Ongoing
A head-to-head comparison of eight country-specific EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L value sets in eight patient groups and a student cohort - Why discriminatory power varies with versions, value sets and subgroups?JanssenDescriptive Systems2016/10Ongoing
An online DCE study to support the development of an EQ-5D-Y value set for the UKNancy DevlinDescriptive Systems2016/10Ongoing
Building values sets based on TTO results by averaging model predictions and actually observed meansMichal JakubczykValuation2016/12Ongoing
A qualitative approach to understanding what aspects of health are important to people _ Australian extensionBrendan MulhernValuation2016/12Ongoing
How to capture fluctuating health impairments: Testing intensive longitudinal assessment of the EQ-5D-5L in multiple sclerosisJohn BrazierDescriptive Systems2016/12Ongoing
Measuring health-related quality of life in trauma patients: what is the added value of extending the EQ-5D3L and the EQ-5D5L with a cognitive domain?Gouke BonselDescriptive Systems2016/12Ongoing
Screen size & data qualityJohn HartmanValuation2016/12Ongoing
DCE Learning curvesJohn HartmanValuation2016/12Ongoing
Selecting health attributes; the patients perspectiveK.M. VermeulenDescriptive Systems2016/12Ongoing
Going beyond health related quality of life Ր towards a broader QALY measure for use across sectorsJohn BrazierDescriptive Systems2016/12Ongoing
REDCap Evaluation: Instrument ConstructionBenjamin CraigValuation2016/12Ongoing
Workshop to discuss the legitimacy, estimation, and uses of the Minimal Important Difference (MID) with EQ-5DMike HerdmanEducation and Outreach2016/12Ongoing
A Dutch tariff for the Euroqol-5D-YouthEssersEQ-5D in Younger Populations2016/12Ongoing
EQ-5D-5L in pregnancy. Antenatal and postnatal HRQOL, the imp[act of poor outGouke BonselLarge Scale Applications2016/12Ongoing
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