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Quality Control team appointed

August 16, 2022

In line with the study governance document, the Steering Group has appointed the following four scientists as members of the Quality Control (QC) team:

  • Michał Jakubczyk (Division of Decision Analysis and Support, Institute of Econometrics, SGH Warsaw School of Economics , Poland)
  • John Mullahy (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Dept. of Population Health Sciences, Madison, WI, USA)
  • Mark Oppe, QC team Chair (Maths in Health)
  • Juan Manuel Ramos-Goñi (Maths in Health)

The QC team will be independent from the study team, EuroQol’s EQ-VT support team and the Steering Group. This team is responsible for reviewing and critically assessing the work of the study team.

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