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Implications for CEA

There is hardly any evidence on the implications for cost-effectiveness ratios when switching from EQ-5D-3L to EQ-5D-5L. Some work has been done for England, but researchers had no paired 3L and 5L data, a gap they filled with mapping. These indirect methods attribute to uncertainties, in particular in view of concerns about the validity of estimates of QALY gains when based on mapping algorithms. It is difficult to disentangle difference that relate to the mapping and ‘real’ difference between 3L and 5L responses.

Study TitleFirst AuthorJournalYearType
EQ-5D-5L versus EQ-5D-3L: The Impact on Cost Effectiveness in the United KingdomHernandez Alava MValue in Health2018Comparison based on mapping
A (five-)level playing field for mental health conditions?: exploratory analysis of EQ-5D-5L-derived utility valuesCamacho EMQuality of Life Research2018Simulation
Econometric modelling of multiple self-reports of health states: The switch from EQ-5D-3L to EQ-5D-5L in evaluating drug therapies for rheumatoid arthritisHernandez Alava MJ Health Economics2017Comparison based on mapping
The Impact of Moving from EQ-5D-3L to -5L in NICE Technology AppraisalsPennington BPharmacoeconomics2018comparison based on mapping
Cost-Utility Analysis Using EQ-5D-5L Data: Does How the Utilities Are Derived Matter?Yang FValue Health2019comparison based on mapping


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