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EQ-5D-Y | Valuation

Users of EQ-5D-Y can attach a value to each health state reflecting how good or bad that state is according to the preferences of the general population of a country/region, known as an EQ-5D-Y index. The collection of index values for all possible EQ-5D health states is called a value set. An international valuation protocol for EQ-5D-Y is now available and a number of value sets are in development around the world. A list of all currently available value sets for the EQ-5D-Y can be found in the table below. These value sets have been generated using the combination of time trade-off (TTO) and discrete choice experiment (DCE) valuation techniques.

Click here for an overview of EQ-5D-Y valuation studies that are ongoing or completed.

Overview of available value sets for EQ-5D-Y  –  [ BACK TO OVERVIEW ]

(Version 26APR2021)

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